5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

If you use sticky traps and outdoor sprays, you may derive immediate results but it makes sense to actually opt for a low bug count in the kitchen and home with a high safety records. These products often are a great remedy along with cleaning up routines.

Here are the 5 tops ways of keeping your kitchen pest free:

1. To start off with, pests often get killed by pesticides, but it makes good sense stop spraying your home with pesticides and harsh chemicals. These may be toxic in the long run and can be dangerous to the nervous system. You should begin with preventive techniques such as removing food sources and repairing damages and leaks in the home.

No to Harsh Chemical for keeping kitchen pest free

2. A major way in which pests enter the home are through gaping holes and cracks. The exteriors are often improperly sealed. This leads to the the prevention of entry of pests. If your doors and windows are caulking, make sure you refit them. Upgrading to double flap doors and even going for a twin draft door guard may be the answer to stopping the pest epidemic from spreading. Use good quality sealants and also tight fitted lids on food containers.

3. Prevent the water to stagnate and stop the spills from damaging your home. Use kitchen safe products and stop the kitchen from being the hunting ground for ants and cockroaches. Dampness should be prevented and never keep food out in the open.

Prevent the water to stagnate and throw the stagnate water to keep the kitchen pest free
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4. Mow the lawns as much as possible and make sure the bugs are kept at bay with nets and safety mechanisms. In case there is large grass and too much vegetation in the garden, you should cut these down and spray some natural herbicides. This prevents the bugs from actually ever entering the home.

Mowing the lawns to stay away from pest
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5. Finally, it makes sense to secure the entire home where necessary with regular pest inspections. You can always call in the experts where necessary and seek professional expertise before any large problem is detected. Try treating problems with herbal and natural remedies such as use of Boric powder and aloe vera. You can also spray the entire vicinity of strong natural herbicides.

Top 6 Home Remedies In Getting Rid Of Mice From Your Home

Before you actually get the services of an extermination company to try control the pest epidemic, you should be able to identify the pest problem in your home in the first place. There could be a mice infestation where insects and bugs may be a predominant problem with all the feeding sites and entry points identified and then eliminated.

Here Are The Top 6 Ways In Which Mice Can Be Eliminated And Removed From Attacking Your Home:

1. To start off with, try and close the feeding sites and entry points in the house. You should remove all food sources and keep inside the fridge and the metal containers with tight lids.

  • The trash cans should be kept tightly closed with the lids on.
  • These along with the countertops and kitchen floors must be kept clean and dry.
  • The cracks and vents, holes and crevices must be sealed and steel and concrete reinforced to avoid any influx of mice into the home.

2. You can start off with home extermination techniques that are fool proof in the long run. These may be baits and traps. The snap traps can be truly dangerous to begin with if not placed properly. You need to bring in good quality snap traps if you really want to remove all mice from home.

3. Glue traps are also a great way of curbing the mice epidemic. These need a good placement inside the home and you need to know the mouse habits intricately before you opt for the glue baiting techniques.

4. You also need to have a good amount careful inspection before you get to spraying the mouse repellent sprays. These should be sprayed around the harborage areas and the food sources should be removed. Exclusion techniques and long term prevention are the key here.

5. You can also use electronic mouse repellents that use a high frequency sound to drive out mice away from food sources so that nesting grounds are destroyed. These sonic and ultrasound devices help deter the mouse from entering the house and these are effective in rodent control.

6. Live catch traps are also a great way to kill mice. These traps help homeowners to catch the mice at home and stop them from returning at all. Regardless of the kinds of these traps, they still remain the most traditional technique is catching home mice.

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Things Not To Do When You Find Out About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are commonly found in your resting and relaxing areas. Once you discover about them, it is very important to take the correct preventive measures and get rid of them as soon as possible. But, there are some steps you should not consider.Here, is a list of such Don’ts that you should avoid when you have find out about bed bug infestation.

1. Do Not Shift Your Place Of Sleeping

Bed bugs like feeding on human blood. So, when you have found out that your bedroom is infested by bed bugs, it is recommended to not to move to a different room. When you do, it may happen that the bed bug follows you to that room and starts breeding there. To avoid this from happening, we recommend that you should stay in the same room during the treatment.

2. Do Not Throw Infested Furniture

Throwing out infested furniture in the open may spread bed bugs all over. So, it is recommended not to throw out the furniture without consulting a pest control officer. If doing so is needed, then seek help and advice from the professionals.

3. Do Not Treat Using Chemicals

Bed bugs behave strongly against pesticides. They might disperse but will not get killed. So, using any kind of pesticides by yourself is not recommended. Opt for a professional help during this situation. Randomly spraying will spread the bed bugs in your home that will later turn out difficult for pest control officers to treat.

4. Do Not Assume That Only Your Bed Is Infested

Bed bugs do not only breed on your bed but other furniture as well. This includes the sofa, light fixtures, crack and crevices, baseboards, and many such areas. So, a proper inspection of your home should be conducted to exactly know the places where bed bugs have infested.

5. Do Not Assume That The Treatment Will Finish Overnight

If you have employed a pest control officer to get rid of bed bugs, then it is important to understand that the treatment is not done overnight. Though the bites will decrease eventually, but, the treatment should be carried out for two more weeks after the first one. This ensures a complete evacuation of bed bugs from your home.

We recommend you to keep these points in mind and take the correct measures to treat bed bugs. For further information, contact City Pest Control Inc. We offer 24X7 services to our clients.

Make Sure Not To Carry Bed Bugs Along While Traveling

Bed bugs are very stubborn and stick to your personal items strongly. But, I am sure you would not like them to follow you while you are travel. So, implementing these simple tips before packing your stuff, will help you make sure that you are not carrying them along with you.

Bed Bug Prevention guidelines along while traveling
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1. Laundry All Your Clothes Before Packing

Before packing the clothes into your suitcase or traveling bag, make sure that you wash and dry them thoroughly. For this, sort the clothing separately, to help easy loading in the washing machine as well as avoiding bedbugs from escaping. It is recommended to set the washing machine at the maximum temperature for delicate fabric care. This kills bedbugs present in your clothing.

2. Traveling Bags Should Be Thoroughly Inspected

The suitcase or traveling bag you intend to carry should be inspected thoroughly. This is important as it assures you that they are free from bedbugs. If not, then consider cleaning them with soapy water. This eliminates bedbugs and safeguards your suitcase from packing your clothes.

3. Use Deterrent Spray On Luggage

Before setting off for the travel, make sure you spray bedbugs deterrents on them. This repels bedbugs and prohibits them from invading in your luggage.

4. Plastic Wrap Your Luggage

Another helpful tip is to wrap your luggage using a transparent plastic. This is because, they do not like to get easily spotted, thus, do not stick to your luggage while traveling. Wrapping your luggage will also keep your personal stuff protected from getting infested with bedbugs.

5. Inspect Your Hotel Room

Conduct a complete inspection of the hotel room you will be staying. Carefully check for bedbugs in the sleeping areas, drawers, pillows, quilts, couches, and other areas of your interest. Also, check for any cracks or crevices that might invite bedbugs during your stay. If you find any, then notify the reception as soon as possible to take the correct measures.

Following these simple tips will help to keep bedbugs away while you are traveling. For further information on bed bugs and other pest infestations, contact City Pest Control. We offer our clients with 24X7 services.

What Are The Symptoms For Spider Bites?

Typically, spiders are a common feature in homes that border lush vegetation and woods. Before you raise the alarm for a spider bite, it important that you understand the symptoms for spider bites and know what needs to be done when bitten by one. Like any insect bite, spider bites look similar to other domestic bug bites. Harmless spider bites usually are not deadly or even menacing.

Black Widow Spider

However, if the spider is a black widow spider, it may induce the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain along with back and chest pain is common if bitten by the black widow spider.
  • You can also develop abdominal cramping and there could be rigidity in the muscles.
  • Many a times, the symptoms are mistaken to be a ruptured appendix or a severe case of appendicitis.
  • The victim may also sweat excessively and the bite mark may inflame uncontrollably.

If you are bitten by the brown recluse spider, the pain usually develops within the first 8 hours of the bite.

It is extremely painful and the bite area often swells to dusky red. An enlarged ulcer develops and full healing may only occur after medication and formal medical help. You should call in the doctor or the medical services, if the victim shows signs of being in severe pain, vomits incessantly or even suffers excruciatingly painful bouts of abdominal cramps and muscle spasms.

Immediate Aid To Given After Getting Bites From Black Widow Spider

It is important that first aid is given immediately and the patient taken to a medical facility immediately after the discovery of the bite.

  • You could apply a cold compress the moment the spider bite is noticed.
  • You should also wash the area with some disinfectant and water, the moment the bite is noticed.

Careful emergency treatment along with prevention of spider epidemics often goes a long way in preventing fatalities in spider bites. Call in the efficient pest control service for spiders  – Citypest. We help in nipping the problem in the bud!