10 Racoon Facts That you Didn’t Know Before

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Raccoon is a small bear-like nocturnal mammal and are found in North America. These are very intelligent creatures; however can cause nuisance in residential areas. They usually invade human property in search of food and while doing so, can cause great damage. Here we have shared a few interesting facts about raccoons:

1. The average size of a raccoon measures between 40 to 70 cm. The tail of a raccoon makes more than 50% of their total length. They can be easily recognized by the bandit-like eye mask marking around their eyes.

2. Raccoons are omnivore. That means, from meat to plants, they eat almost everything. In the wild, the raccoons mostly get their food from water bodies as they are expert in hunting small fishes and frogs. In the land, they usually feed on insects, bird eggs, mice, fruits and nuts. They always wash their food in water before consuming. If they don’t find water nearby, they rub it before eating.

3. Their front paw is one of the best features of their body. It consists of 5 fingers and  resembles a human hand. With their front paw, they can hunt with lightning speed, untie knots, open latches and pick up things with ease.

4. The average lie span of a raccoon in the wild is pretty short (about 2-3 years) because of deaths due to hunting and other accidents. Otherwise, on an average, a raccoon can live up to 16 years. Their lifespan is better in captivity than in the wild.

5. The gestation period of a female raccoon is 63 days. After which she gives birth to 1-7 babies at a time. They reproduce only once a year, during the springs. The babies do not have the eye mask or rings in the tail during birth. The mother is very protective of the babies and does not allow the father to come near the babies.

6. For their habitat, raccoons prefer wooded areas where they have access to trees, vegetation, and water. They make homes in the hollow part of the trees or even occupy abandoned burrows. They can travel up to 18 miles every day in search of food.

7. These are extremely adaptable animals and can adapt to almost any climate. These are also found in urban and suburban areas and usually make homes in attics, sewers, and sheds. These can cause significant damage to your property. In case you are looking for raccoon removal services in Toronto, then call us. We can help you get rid of raccoons. Call us at 416-410-2786 or 416-740-7707.

8. Raccoons are nocturnal animals. They are usually active during spring, summer and fall. During the winters, they sleep in their den.

9. Raccoons use 200 different sounds to communicate with each other. They have almost 12 to 15 different types of calls for communication.

10. Raccoons can spread several diseases in humans. Raccoon feces and urine can cause diseases such as roundworm, leptospirosis, salmonella. Raccoon bites can transmit rabies to your pets.

These facts will help you get an idea about raccoons and understand their nature.

8 Weird Facts On Rats

Rats are one of the most common pests that infest the human household. No other pest can evoke a sense of dread than rats. These pests can cause severe damage to your property by spoiling food materials, chewing on your clothes, furniture, electrical wires. Moreover, these are carriers of deadly diseases. Here are a few weird facts about rats:

1. According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System or ITIS, there are over 60 different species of rats all over the world. They usually measure around 5 inches and more. The largest species of rat is Bosavi WoollyRat which measures 32.2 inches.

2. Rats are found in every continent of the earth. For instance, the rice-field rats are common in Southeast Asia while there is an abundance of Australian swamp rat in Eastern Australia.Among all species of rats the Norway rat or brown rats are found in each and every continent of the earth except the Antarctica. The house rats and the brown rats are one of the most common species of rats in the world. While the House rats are found in warm climate, the Norway rats are found in a temperate climate.

3. Rats tend to stick together in packs. The brown rats are led by the largest rats in their pack; however, in other species of rats, there can be several dominant male and female rats.

4. Rats are omnivores. In other words, they eat anything. The house rats and the brown rats are dependent on humans for their food source. They tend to scavenge the trash or any food item that is left unprotected in the home. In case your household is infested with rats and if you are looking for mice control services, then get in touch with us. Our team of experts ensure a thorough and personalized pest removal service based on your needs. Get in touch with us today at citypest.ca/contact.

5. Before giving birth,the rats build nests. They use almost anything they find including grass, branches, trash, papers and so on. They usually build their nests in rotting trees or buildings.

6. A female rat can mate about 500 times in six- hours. The Brown rats can produce 2,000 babies in a year. At one go, a female brown rat can give birth to 22 babies. Tropical rats give birth to 6 babies at a time.

7. The gestation period of brown rats is usually between 21 to 26 days. When the babies are born, they weigh up to 6 to 8 grams. By the time a brown rat is 3 months old, they are ready to mate and reproduce.

8. Rats usually live for 2 to 3 years and a majority (approximately 91-97%) of the house rats die during the first year of their life. Rats have an excellent memory. If rats learn a direction finding route , they never forget it.

We hope you will find these pointers interesting and helpful in gaining more idea about rats.

4 Deadliest Spiders in Found In Canada

Unlike other pests, spiders do not spread diseases; however, if provoked, they bite. The venom of some of these spiders are highly toxic and can cause deadly consequences. Canada is a home to some of the most deadly spiders in the world. Here is a list of a couple of deadliest spiders found in this region:

1. Black Widow

These spiders are mostly found in the areas near to southern Canada and the USA border. These spiders are highly venomous and their venom is considered 15 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake. The black widow spider can be recognized by its round black abdomen with a striking red stripe. The spider is smaller in size. It comes in two varieties- one with a red stripe and the other is completely black. These spiders only bite human beings when provoked. The bite of the female black widow is considered deadly than the male and is a threat to human health. However, this doesn’t result in deaths. The bite feels like a pinprick and pain is felt after a few minutes. It spreads rapidly to other parts of the body and causes nausea, abdominal pain, hypertension, and paralysis of the diaphragm resulting in breathing difficulties.

2. Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse is also known as fiddle-back spider and violin spider. These spiders bite humans when they feel threatened. These spiders can be found in homes and usually build their web in old furniture and boxes. The bites are often painless and that is why it goes unnoticed. However, the effect shows up after a few hours. The area where the spider bites, turns red. The person experiences fever, itching, convulsion, nausea and intense muscular pain. In extreme cases, a brown recluse spider bite can even cause necrosis. In other words, it eats up the flesh and can result in a condition called Loxoscelism. In this case, painful wounds will appear in the area which won’t heal quickly. The wound gradually turns purple and can be life threatening. There is no treatment for the bites and wounds can take months to heal completely.

3. Hobo Spider

Though the effect of its venom on human beings is widely debated but, when tested on lab rats, it was found that the spider venom resulted in necrosis. The bites can cause open wounds that take a long time to heal. This spider is known to be very aggressive and is one of the most common house spiders. In case your home is infested with spiders, then call us for spider extermination. Get in touch with us at citypest.ca/contact.

4. Goldenrod Crab Spider

These spiders are not much aggressive; however, can deliver a painful bite if provoked. The bite of a goldenrod crab spider causes instant paralysis in bees and other insects. However, their effect on humans is not known.

These list will help you identify the deadly crawlers that can cause potential harm to you and your family.

5 Natural Options To Get Rid Of Ants

Is your home attacked by ants? Can you figure out how long it has been? The process of ant extermination is a bit difficult, but an important step to consider. There are certain chemicals that help you get rid of ants fast and quick. But treating ants chemically is not the right way the reason being it is not safe.

Getting rid of ants the natural way is the best solution to your problem. Here, are a few natural remedies that you can apply.

1. Vinegar

Getting rid of ants with the help of vinegar is one of the most effective ways. If you spray vinegar on the entry paths of the ants, it spreads a strong scent that repels the ants. Spray vinegar on all the entrance paths of the ants that you suspect. All you need to do is, mix water with vinegar in equal amounts and pour it into a spray bottle.

2. Mint

Used mint tea bags also help keep you home away from ants. Placing the tea bags at the entry points will repel ants. If you do not drink mint tea, you can also make use of dried mint leaves. Crush the leaves into powder and then sprinkle it on the entry points.

3. Pepper

Pepper is another alternative to mint and vinegar. Be it cayenne pepper powder or black pepper powder, both work wonders. Mix pepper with water and spray it on the ants, this makes them disappear and never explore your home once again.

4. Soap

Soap is easily available in every household. Soaps contains such components that are harmful to all type of ants. When ants come in contact with soapy water, they break down in wavy layers due to dehydration.

5. Scented Items

Scented items such as perfume or baby powder also work as ant repellents. Sprinkle some powder or spray some perfume on the entry points to keeps ants away from your home.

The methods are most effective when ants are in less quantities. If your home is heavily attacked with ants, calling for a pest control service will be a great idea. Contact City Pest Inc at the Brampton office and book for an appointment. For further information, log on to www.citypest.ca

How To Select A Roach Removal Service?

Is your home terribly attacked by cockroaches? Are you not able to get rid of them the natural way? Then this is the time to call for a roach removal service. If you are confused or not able to make a decision which pest control service to consult, then these tips will certainly help you.

1. Search For A Licensed Pest Control Company

Pest Operator License - City Pest Control Inc

When you are searching for a pest control company in your area, look for the one that has a proper license from the government. Ask the contractor to show their qualification that proves they can take care of your roach removal service.

2. Seek Recommendations From Friends Or Neighbors

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Recommendations are one of the best ways to help you find the best pest control company in your locality. Friends and neighbors are the ones whom you can rely on for such cases. They will be able to share their experience and give you the right contact details of the pest control company who had taken care of their pest problems.

3. Check The Insurance Of Your Pest Control Contractor

A pest control contractor should have a valid insurance that covers the damage if any of your property. Carefully check the insurance papers and go through the points thoroughly. This will assure that you have taken the right decision.

4. Arrange For An Inspection Appointment

Before you make a decision to hire a certain pest control company, it is very important to book for an inspection. This lets you meet the contractor personally and discuss about the situation of roaches in your home. A professional will be able to explain you the methods involved in getting rid of the cockroaches as well as provide you with prevention tips from future infestation.

5. Evaluate The Costs Of Different Pest Control Contractors

Evaluate the costs involved in the pest removing service and ask for quotes from different contractors. If the company offers you guarantee or warranty, ask for the details and the time period.

Following these simple tips will help you select the best roach removal service. To book a roach removal service in Brampton, contact www.citypest.ca

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Cockroaches – 5 Fascinating Facts About The Creepiest Crawlies

Cockroaches belong to the order of Blattodea. There is total of 4,600 species, out of which 30 are linked with the habitats of a human. The four species well known as pests are – German cockroach, American cockroach, Australian cockroach and Oriental cockroach.

Did You Know
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These species like to feed on the both humans as well as pet food leaving a pungent odour. The cockroaches carry pathogenic microbes on their body surface that they spread in the environments they like to dwell. Here, we are going to discuss 5 fascinating facts about the creepiest crawlies – cockroaches.

Fact # 1

Cockroaches have numerous pores on their body through which they breathe. So, even if they’re beheaded, cockroaches tend to live as the respiratory system is not linked to their mouth.

Fact # 2

Cockroaches are sensitive to touch from all sides, thus, they’re known to be thigmotropic. Due to the sensitivity, cockroaches like living in small and closed places. They easily crawl into such places and fit in perfectly. Even a pregnant mother cockroach manages to fit perfectly in a place that is just the size of two vertical coins placed together.

Fact # 3

Cockroaches have the ability to contaminate the place they dwell in. The best-preferred places for a cockroach to live are dirty and filthy. They move at a rate of 3 miles per hour. Due to its fast moving pace, the cockroach takes just a few minutes to contaminate your home. Thus, causing serious diseases.

Fact # 4

The German cockroach species is the most dangerous of all. They are mostly found in almost every part of the nation. This species of cockroach causes illnesses, allergies and even breathing problems. These cockroaches grow into an adult one in a span of 36 days.

Fact # 5

In China, the cockroaches are farmed especially for money. The demand for dried cockroaches had risen from 2010 to 2014, due to its use in remedies. The biggest farm in the country contains almost 10 million crates full of them.

As mentioned, cockroaches are most dangerous to your health, thus, opting for a cockroach removal service will be a great idea. To book a pest control service log on to www.citypest.ca

5 Fascinating Facts About Ants

Ants belong to the eusocial insects of the family Formicidae. They evolved from the ancestors that resembled wasps during the mid-Cretaceous period. There are different ways in which ants have proved to be superior to humans. Here, we are going to discuss 5 fascinating facts about the ants.

amazing facts on ant
Image Courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8sl8AE418o

Fact # 1: With The Help Of The Mandibles, Ants Can Carry Up To Objects 50 Times Their Own Body Weight!

Ants are diminutive in size. For this reason, their muscles are thicker than large animals or even humans. The ratio of their size to muscle thickness enables them to carry larger objects.

Fact # 2: The Total Biomass Of All The Ants On The Earth Is Roughly Equal To That Of People!

We all think this isn’t possible. But the truth was revealed in the book named “Tripping Back Blue” by Kara Storti. According to this book, scientists have estimated that for every human being there are at least 1.5 million ants on the planet.

Fact # 3: Ants Of One Species Enslave The Other And Keep Them Captive To Make Them Work For The Colony!

Apart from this, the honeypot ants also take ants of their own species from foreign colonies as captives. The Amazon ants also known as the Polyergus queens attack the Formica ants. The Amazon queen kills the Formica queen and then captivates the Formica workers.

Fact # 4: In exchange for food and shelter, certain ant species defend plants!

Myrmecophytes or the ant plants offer shelter to ants and feed them as well. It features a hollow on thorns, stems and even leaf petioles that provide shelter to ants. The plant also produces sugary secretions on which the ant feeds. But what do the plants get in return? The ants defend the plants from attacks of herbivorous mammals and insects.

Fact # 5: Ants lived since the evolution of dinosaur!

Ants are said to evolve some 130 million years ago. The fossil of now extinct ant species Sphercomymra freyi was found in the Cliffwood Beach in New Jersey that dated back to 92 million years ago.

Getting to know these facts though interesting, but ants as a whole are quite more dangerous than you have thought. If your home or office premises is attacked by ants, calling for an ant exterminator is a must. To book an appointment log on to www.citypest.ca We are one of the best pest control services in Brampton.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas In Pets-Part 2

Wingless and creepy fleas can really give your pet a sleepless night. Most of these fleas love to survive on warm vertebrates and breed countless number of times given the right conditions.

Here Are 5 More Home Remedies That Help In Getting Rid Of Fleas In Pets

Cat and a dog
Image Courtesy: happyandcuteanimals.blogspot.com

1. You can make use of the flea trap remedies available at home. A good dish washing liquid is a great way of preventing insects from infesting the dog or the pet.

  • Put in a few drops of dish washing liquid into the bathing water and then apply it on the dog.

This will kill the fleas and create a much healthy environment for your pet.

2. Catch hold of a herbal flea spray that helps in scaring away fleas. The herbal sprays are relatively harmless for humans and are made of lemon juice and witch hazel. This combination is very good for the pet and is a great way to keep your pets in good humor. You can also use vacuums to extract the dead fleas after the flea spray is applied.

3. You can also use table salt to get rid of tough fleas. These are a great menace to pets and cause a lot of skin issues. You can use salt as a dehydration agent and then cause the fleas to die. The bodies often die out and the dry skin in your pet promotes the death of these parasites.

4. You can also use a good amount of boric acid salt and rub it on the pet’s body. This salt acts as a dessicant and is a great dehydrating agent that kills the fleas by sucking the water out of their bodies. The damage done to pets is minimal and the larvae and eggs are also carefully exterminated.

5. The last way of killing pet fleas is through the application of the Diatomaceous Earth or the DE. These are microscopic remains of the fossilized algae better known as diatoms.

  • The cell walls of these diatoms are made of active ingredients such as silica and this is glass in layman’s terms.
  • The silica shards cut through the flea skin and kills them drastically.
  • The dehydration caused by it also prevents the birth of new fleas in the body. Shards are non toxic for the animal skin but are deadly for fleas.

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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Fleas From Your Pets Naturally

If you love your dog, you would like to keep in healthy and clean. There are many natural medications such as flea and tick preventatives that are able to prevent the growth of these menacing pests. The potential danger from these flea exterminators, chemical and otherwise is quite big. A lot of times, small children often touch the pets, these then cause a lot of poisoning in the pets. Harmful diseases and side effects can then cause a lot of problems in children and you may have to face a lot of troubles.

Here Are The Top 5 Herbal And Natural Ways Of Keeping The Beasties Away In The Long Run:

1. Use the flea collar to ward off pests in pets. It is often a great way to ward off fleas and you need to apply a topical solution of cedar oil, lavender oil and water. These chosen oils should be applied to the collar and you should rub the sides of the collar with your hands. This should be then tied around the collar of the dog. In case, the pet has some fleas stuck to its tail, apply olive oil liberally on the tail.

Flea Collar for Dogs
Image Courtesy: thehappypooch.com

2.You should also use a flea deterring drink along side remedies at home. The pets should be fed a daily dose of milk that has 1 teaspoon of distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar. You can also add this composition to the drinking water. This significantly improves the skin of the pet and the coat condition is free of fleas.

3. You should use a flea comb that has lemon and limonene. This is a chemical that is able to kill fleas and many times repel it.

4. If you also want the pet to get a gleaming finish, you need to use the flea spray generously and wait till the solution takes action to repel fleas.

5. You can also opt for the flea gone bag. This is a sachet that has a pleasant smell but drives the fleas away from pets. For most humans, the smell is beautiful.

In case you want to keep your pet healthy and comfortable, it makes sense to wash him or her regularly at home. This process should be carried out till the flea attacks noticeably changes and lessens.