10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Carpenter Ants

Ants are one of the most widespread pests in our home. According to The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, there are over 12,400 species of ants all across the globe. However, there are several species that can cause you great discomfort. Among them are Carpenter Ants. They can cause significant damage to the wooden items in your home. However, there are many lesser known facts about these ants.

Over here, we have compiled a list of ten interesting facts about the carpenter ants that you might be interested in knowing:

1. Do you know why these ants are called carpenter ants? This is because they make burrows in wood. Unlike termites, which feed on wood, carpenter ants do not eat wood. They will destroy your woodwork by making tunnels for their home.

2. Carpenter ants prefer moist and warm environment. They can survive anywhere. All they need is damp, decaying or hollow wood. They cut into the wood making galleries that are connected with passageways allowing them to move between sections.

3. The queen has a lifespan of 25 years. She lays 9 to 16 eggs during the first year of her life cycle.

4. The length of a carpenter ant vary from 3.4 millimeters to 13 millimeters. A colony of carpenter ants contains ants of different size. This depends on the division of caste and responsibility.

5. There are various species of carpenter ants. The most common one is the black carpenter ant. Colors vary from brown, jet-black, orange, yellow to light brown.

6. A colony of carpenter ants can contain almost 2,000 worker ants.

7. A colony of carpenter ants is raised by a single queen. The queen builds her nest in a hollow wood. From the eggs laid during her first life cycle, she raises the first set of workers.

8. The workers are assigned with different jobs such as collecting food and feeding the next generation. The colony grows at a rapid pace.

9. Carpenter ants keep their tunnels smooth and the worker ants burrow tunnels mostly during night.

10. These ants have a set of antennae and two wings.

These ten facts will help you to get a better idea about the carpenter ants. Have you seen these ants in your home recently? If yes, then don’t delay and get professional help. You can get in touch with us immediately. Our experts will help you in carpenter ants pest control and eliminate them from your household. Get in touch with us today at http://citypest.ca/contact/

5 Natural Options To Get Rid Of Ants

Is your home attacked by ants? Can you figure out how long it has been? The process of ant extermination is a bit difficult, but an important step to consider. There are certain chemicals that help you get rid of ants fast and quick. But treating ants chemically is not the right way the reason being it is not safe.

Getting rid of ants the natural way is the best solution to your problem. Here, are a few natural remedies that you can apply.

1. Vinegar

Getting rid of ants with the help of vinegar is one of the most effective ways. If you spray vinegar on the entry paths of the ants, it spreads a strong scent that repels the ants. Spray vinegar on all the entrance paths of the ants that you suspect. All you need to do is, mix water with vinegar in equal amounts and pour it into a spray bottle.

2. Mint

Used mint tea bags also help keep you home away from ants. Placing the tea bags at the entry points will repel ants. If you do not drink mint tea, you can also make use of dried mint leaves. Crush the leaves into powder and then sprinkle it on the entry points.

3. Pepper

Pepper is another alternative to mint and vinegar. Be it cayenne pepper powder or black pepper powder, both work wonders. Mix pepper with water and spray it on the ants, this makes them disappear and never explore your home once again.

4. Soap

Soap is easily available in every household. Soaps contains such components that are harmful to all type of ants. When ants come in contact with soapy water, they break down in wavy layers due to dehydration.

5. Scented Items

Scented items such as perfume or baby powder also work as ant repellents. Sprinkle some powder or spray some perfume on the entry points to keeps ants away from your home.

The methods are most effective when ants are in less quantities. If your home is heavily attacked with ants, calling for a pest control service will be a great idea. Contact City Pest Inc at the Brampton office and book for an appointment. For further information, log on to www.citypest.ca

7 Natural Ways Of Getting Rid Of Ants At Home Without Any Hassle

In case you have an army of ants marching toward a cookie jar placed in the kitchen or the pantry, the first idea that comes to your mind is how to get rid of this menace. Here are the top 7 methods through which you can prevent an ant epidemic and get rid from your house, kitchen, bathroom naturally .

Here are the top methods:

  • In order to create a moat around the food item or the object in the kitchen, you need place an adhesive tape with the sticky side up.

adhesive tape for getting rid nof ants

  • You can also give these pesky and troublesome insects the heave ho by sprinkling good amounts of boric acid and eucalyptus oil with the help of a baster to get rid of ants from your house.

  • You can blow small amounts of powder into far reaching corners and hard to reach areas. There could be deep voids too that can be sprayed with these products to get rid of ants in your home naturally.

  • If you are thinking of an organic and stress free technique, it makes sense to draw a chalk line along the entry points of the home.

The ants mostly, are often deterred by calcium carbonate and the chalk helps in repelling these insects because of the potent chemicals. Often the chalks are made up of compressed shells of marine mammals. Ants and slugs often find this combination detestable and avoid entering the first place.

  • You can also use all purpose flour along the backs of the pantry shelves and avoid the ants from entering the house. The ants get repelled by flour and will not infest your home thus.
ants get repel by flour
Image courtesy:www.food.com
  • In case ants infest your yard and patio, you need to place a flowerpot upside down over the anthill. You need to then pour over boiling hot water into the drain hole and the entire ant colony and trails will be removed.

In case you want a fool proof remedy that enables the ant to stay away from your home for a longer period of time, you should spray insecticides and ant proof your kitchen with squirts of lemon.

  • The threshold and windowsills should be sprayed with lemon juice. Ants find lemon juice perfectly detestable and are often killed by its potency.
Lemon-Juice is ideal for removing ants
Image courtesy: lethomeremedies.com
  • You simply need to mix the juice of lemons -4 in all, with about 2 liters of water and wash the floors with this mixture. The smell will leave the ants dead and prevent a recurrence.

Even after trying out with these method you are failing, contact us at: 416-410-2786, our exterminators will be available anytime, any where in Brampton, Toronto and surrounding GTA. 24hrs 7days a week. We won’t rest if ant pest is your guest.

Top 3 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In The House

Do you know: – The Queen carpenter ant lays 9 to 16 eggs that live up to 25 years. In order to grow into an adult, these eggs take about a period of 6 to 12 weeks.

Carpenter ants belong to the species of Camponotus spp and are known to be the largest among other ants. These ants measure about 3.4mm to 13mm in length. They are mostly black in color.These ants are found both outdoors as well as in the indoors residing on moist areas. In order to form their nests, these ants make galleries in the wood grains that provide passage ways, so that they can freely move around in their nests. The carpenter ants mostly feed on a variety of food people eat.

Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants With City Pest Control Inc

It is very important to get your home free of these carpenter ants, as soon as possible. Below mentioned are some natural steps that you can follow to keep the ants away from your home.

1. Borax and Powdered Sugar Solution To Kill Ants

Borax works as an agent to keep away ants with odour, whereas powdered sugar attract them. You can mix one part borax with three parts of powdered sugar. Later on, fill this solution into tiny containers, like bottle caps, and place them where you suspect ants are entering from. This helps to prevent most of the ants from travelling all around your house. Know more in details on how you can get rid of carpenter ants with  boric acid.

2. Spray Vinegar To Get Rid Of Ants

Vinegar repellents are an effective way to fight with annoying bugs. The acidic nature of vinegar, helps in keeping the ants away. Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 50-50 together with about 1 tbsp eucalyptus or peppermint oil and spray it in the ant’s trail.

3. Good Sanitation Practice

Keeping your home clean is one the best way to get rid of bugs and ants. Make sure all food items, especially sweets, should be stored in airtight containers out of the reach of ants. Your kitchen should be cleaned of spills, crumbs, and garbage. Store the honey jar in a zip top bag.

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Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants Effectively With Boric Acid

To get a control over ants in and around your home is an extremely challenging task. The best home made solution to get rid of ants is with Boric acid. Boric acid, also called hydrogen borate or boracic acid, this chemical is considered as one of the best ways to get ants away from your home. It needs to be mixed with several other ingredients for the best results.

Below mentioned is a step by step procedure of how to kill ants with Boric acid.

What To Mix

Boric acid ant killing agents isn’t effective against every species of ant. Some ants have a sweet tooth while others are more likely to seek out fats and grease.

  • You can mix Boric acid with a couple of different foods so that you can know which ingredient attracts the ants better.
  • Dissolve sugar in water, use jelly or honey, or you could also use peanut butter.
  • Mix 1 tsp Boric acid with 1 cup of the food ingredient as required.

How To Place

  • You can place the solution into different jars such as a baby food jar, with holes punched in the top, bottle caps, drinking straws and wax papers.
  • If using sugar water, it is recommended to pour it over a cotton ball in the bottom of the containers. As ants find their way into the containers, they will definitely get destroyed easily.
  • Place it near their specific place from where you can see the ants coming out from.
  • You can also keep the solutions on window sills or in countertop corners, when you are not sure of the location of the ants.


Home made Boric acid ant killer is a slow poison, as each ant take it back to the colony shares it with only a few of them. In order to reach the queen ant it would take time. This process takes a few days to reduce the count of ants. It can also take about three to four weeks for you to completely get rid of the ants. Hence, it is recommended to change the bait every few days to keep it fresh.

How To Get Rid Of Red Ants In Garden And Lawn

It is very obvious that your garden and lawn might be affected by red ants. Spraying of poisonous pesticides in your garden would destroy your plants. So, in order to get rid of the ants from the garden as well as the lawn it is very important to take into consideration these simple steps.

ants in garden
Image courtesy: www.gardenguides.com

Proper Maintenance Of Lawn & Garden

Keep your lawn as well as garden healthy and stress free. Maintaining your yard will surely keep away not only ants, but also others pests. Follow the lawn care schedule diligently. A good lawn maintenance practice involves cutting the grass at the right time, feeding the lawn and soil with adequate nutrient it requires. Lastly, water your lawn as well as garden on a regular basis. Continue reading How To Get Rid Of Red Ants In Garden And Lawn

Always Hire Professionals To Remove Carpenter Ants

Getting rid of carpenter ants is not a very easy task. These large, dark colored insects are often seen with a pair of wings and a bent antenna. There are two types of carpenter ants, one with black body and the other with a red body. There is a common misconception that these ants feed on wood. However, the fact is these ants simply bore a hole on wooden furniture and live there. Needless to say, that damages furniture.

If your house has been a breeding ground for these creatures then you should opt for carpenter ants control services from professionals in order to stop the damage quickly. Continue reading Always Hire Professionals To Remove Carpenter Ants