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Some pests are too difficult to handle and bed bugs are one of them. They can make life hell for the inhabitants of the house. These tiny creatures are known for sucking blood from the human body, which can leave you with skin allergies, patches, and other skin infections.

Bed Bug Treatment Service Provider

Controlling the bed bug infestation at your home should be your first priority. There are a number of companies offering residential pest control services to their clients ensuring the best and most alluring solutions to be used. The professional exterminators know their way very well to deal with the bed bugs and they possess the quality equipment to control their infestation.

The professionals ensure using safe and environment-friendly solutions and processes as they realize the extermination is taking place at a residential complex or home. The use of harmful chemicals might leave a strong smell behind and a gas inhaling which can be an extremely dangerous for the human beings. Thus, a professional and reliable firm always opts for organic ways to handle and deal with the infestation problem.

The bed bug treatment Toronto is one of the most complex pest extermination processes even for the experienced individuals of the sector. One of the common methods that the professionals adopt for treating these creatures is to fumigate the entire house in order to get rid of these pests. Their top-notch service informs and enables you to get the best of the services within your budget and to be relaxed about the health of your family members after the extermination process is over.


Top 7 Ways to Control Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests that refuse to go. You can easily identify a bed bug. They are usually small and brown colored bugs and have an oval shaped body. Getting rid of a bed bug infestation is not that easy. However, there are ways to control them.

Few steps to control bed bugs

1. First, determine the sites of possible infestation. Identifying the site is important because bed bugs spread rapidly. You can look for them in sofas and beds. The sooner you find them, the easier it is for you control them.

2. Once you have determined the source of infestation, its time to treat them. Throwing away the infested item is not a solution. If your mattress is infested with bed bugs, clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Take your vacuum cleaner out and discard the bag. You can buy bed bug-proof encasement for covering your mattress. This will save it from further infestation.

3. Wash your bed linens and sofa covers often. Use hot water for cleaning. The high temperature kills the pest and ensures that your bed linens and sofa covers are bug free.

4. You can also isolate the infested mattress or sofa to a separate room. Usually, bed bugs feed on your blood. Isolating the infested material for several days will mean that they don’t have any access to food. They will starve to death. Afterwards, you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the infested item. You can also cover the mattress using a cover. This ensures that the bed bugs do not spread. Once they are dead, you can easily clean the mattress cover.

5. If you have pets in your home, make sure you clean their bedding and soft toys (if any). Your pets are susceptible to bed bugs and can spread them throughout your home.

6. Use insecticides to treat bed bugs. You can take professional help in this regard. Call a professional pest control agency (like us) once you have identified any possible infestation.

7. Steam treatment is also beneficial for controlling bed bugs. You can use a commercial steamer. While using a steamer, keep the surface temperature between 160-170°F.

We hope that these steps will help you to control the spread of bed bugs. If you are interested in doing pest control for bed bugs, then why don’t you get in touch with us? Call us today at 416-410-2786 to book an appointment.

Things Not To Do When You Find Out About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are commonly found in your resting and relaxing areas. Once you discover about them, it is very important to take the correct preventive measures and get rid of them as soon as possible. But, there are some steps you should not consider.Here, is a list of such Don’ts that you should avoid when you have find out about bed bug infestation.

1. Do Not Shift Your Place Of Sleeping

Bed bugs like feeding on human blood. So, when you have found out that your bedroom is infested by bed bugs, it is recommended to not to move to a different room. When you do, it may happen that the bed bug follows you to that room and starts breeding there. To avoid this from happening, we recommend that you should stay in the same room during the treatment.

2. Do Not Throw Infested Furniture

Throwing out infested furniture in the open may spread bed bugs all over. So, it is recommended not to throw out the furniture without consulting a pest control officer. If doing so is needed, then seek help and advice from the professionals.

3. Do Not Treat Using Chemicals

Bed bugs behave strongly against pesticides. They might disperse but will not get killed. So, using any kind of pesticides by yourself is not recommended. Opt for a professional help during this situation. Randomly spraying will spread the bed bugs in your home that will later turn out difficult for pest control officers to treat.

4. Do Not Assume That Only Your Bed Is Infested

Bed bugs do not only breed on your bed but other furniture as well. This includes the sofa, light fixtures, crack and crevices, baseboards, and many such areas. So, a proper inspection of your home should be conducted to exactly know the places where bed bugs have infested.

5. Do Not Assume That The Treatment Will Finish Overnight

If you have employed a pest control officer to get rid of bed bugs, then it is important to understand that the treatment is not done overnight. Though the bites will decrease eventually, but, the treatment should be carried out for two more weeks after the first one. This ensures a complete evacuation of bed bugs from your home.

We recommend you to keep these points in mind and take the correct measures to treat bed bugs. For further information, contact City Pest Control Inc. We offer 24X7 services to our clients.

Make Sure Not To Carry Bed Bugs Along While Traveling

Bed bugs are very stubborn and stick to your personal items strongly. But, I am sure you would not like them to follow you while you are travel. So, implementing these simple tips before packing your stuff, will help you make sure that you are not carrying them along with you.

Bed Bug Prevention guidelines along while traveling
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1. Laundry All Your Clothes Before Packing

Before packing the clothes into your suitcase or traveling bag, make sure that you wash and dry them thoroughly. For this, sort the clothing separately, to help easy loading in the washing machine as well as avoiding bedbugs from escaping. It is recommended to set the washing machine at the maximum temperature for delicate fabric care. This kills bedbugs present in your clothing.

2. Traveling Bags Should Be Thoroughly Inspected

The suitcase or traveling bag you intend to carry should be inspected thoroughly. This is important as it assures you that they are free from bedbugs. If not, then consider cleaning them with soapy water. This eliminates bedbugs and safeguards your suitcase from packing your clothes.

3. Use Deterrent Spray On Luggage

Before setting off for the travel, make sure you spray bedbugs deterrents on them. This repels bedbugs and prohibits them from invading in your luggage.

4. Plastic Wrap Your Luggage

Another helpful tip is to wrap your luggage using a transparent plastic. This is because, they do not like to get easily spotted, thus, do not stick to your luggage while traveling. Wrapping your luggage will also keep your personal stuff protected from getting infested with bedbugs.

5. Inspect Your Hotel Room

Conduct a complete inspection of the hotel room you will be staying. Carefully check for bedbugs in the sleeping areas, drawers, pillows, quilts, couches, and other areas of your interest. Also, check for any cracks or crevices that might invite bedbugs during your stay. If you find any, then notify the reception as soon as possible to take the correct measures.

Following these simple tips will help to keep bedbugs away while you are traveling. For further information on bed bugs and other pest infestations, contact City Pest Control. We offer our clients with 24X7 services.

How To Kill Bed Bugs With Boric Acid?

A bed bug infestation can be truly nightmarish for most homeowners. These little pests can bite and suck your blood at night when you are asleep. You have to keep your home safe from these bugs and kill off the eggs and adults inside the home. There are many treatments you can try at home. You also need to use a good amount of boric acid as a safe home remedy for bed bugs. Killing these bed bugs will help you live in peace at home.

  • Place the infested garments on a hanger and put them on the dryer. Use a boric acid spray and cover the garments with this compound. The boric sprays enable the bugs to fall off.
  • Place the garments in the dryer then, and set the heat to about 70 degrees Celsius or more than 160 degree Fahrenheit.

The garments can get dry cleaned and the bugs are killed effectively. Remember to launder the dry clothes later on so that you rid these of the dead bugs and the eggs.

Using a boric spray along with a portable bed heater may also do the trick when it comes to ridding your bed of the bugs. You have to spend about USD $300 on the entire treatment, so that you can put your sleeping bags, purses and pillows inside it.

  • Heat up the interior and do what it takes to heat the items. The machine will turn itself off when it’s over. Do not use the heater to blow on the entire room.

Note: The boric acid sprays may be pungent and strong, but they can, in combination with the heating, give you results in the long run.


How Do You Kill Bed Bugs With Boiling Water

Boiling water is one of the home remedies in getting rid of bedbugs
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Bed bugs are a menace that keep haunting us while we are attending to household chores. Bedbugs can seriously damage our clothes and make our lives a living hell. Most bed bugs disturb us during sleep and need to be sprayed clean with boric acid salt and other residual sprays. Insecticides and other pest control mechanisms can truly work wonders in the long run.

What to Do If Your Clothes are infested With BedBugs

  • If the clothes you wear are infested with bed bugs, it makes sense to dip them in a boiling water tub to kill the last remaining eggs and the adult bugs efficiently.
  • Bed bugs are susceptible to high temperatures and often die given an opportunity in a heated environment. Temperatures ranging in the bracket of 40 to 50 degrees Centigrade, can actually help get rid of these bugs permanently.
  • You can go for a large tumble wash of the clothes infested with the bugs and add scoops of detergent to the wash.

This will enable the bugs to get poisoned and the soaking, though sometimes may be bad for the clothes and their longevity, may help rid of the germs forever. Boiling water is as good as icy cold water to kill these nasty bugs!

How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Salt Treatments?

Bed bugs and their eggs can truly disturb you while you sleep. These bugs usually hide in your mattress and create havoc with your box spring and pillows. You need certified mattress encasements to help stop this menace that robs you of your precious sleep.

Here Are A Few Ways To Prevent The Bed Bugs From Wreaking A Damage In Your Home.


1. Try and envelope the mattress with abed encasement and spray it with salt. Often, this acts as a very good treatment and cuts off the feeding source of these bugs effectively. You should often be careful of the legs of your bed and stay aware if the bed bugs have managed to enter the walls and the carpet too. Sometimes, these bugs also hide in the furniture.


2. Steam your entire room and clean the bugs that die off because of it. The edges of the carpet, wood cracks and even picture frames are hiding spots. Even books and magazines can be a source of great trouble. Clean and de-clutter first, after which you should vacuum and spray the areas with common salt. If this gets messy, try using a vaporizing cleaner that might do the trick.


3. Finally, use a salt based contact spray that kills the pests immediately. There are good residual sprays too that might be very good to use. Try and seal the entry points to kill the bed bugs. A lot of homes that have vegetation outside, may have an infestation of bed bugs. Use residual sprays that when applied with contact sprays will be able to protect your home from any further attack from bed bugs. The salt treatments may work up to 12 weeks or a little more. Try getting expert attention for further upkeep!

How You Get Bedbugs And How They Can Spread Around Your Home

You won’t believe how many times we hear our clients complain that in spite of maintaining proper hygiene and keeping their homes clean, they are having to deal with bedbug infestations. Well, to be perfectly clear, bedbugs have nothing to do with lack of cleanliness.

How Do Bed Bugs Come Into Your Home

In fact, you will usually carry bedbugs home in your luggage, purse, or even your coat pocket, without being aware of it. The bugs are intrepid hitchhikers, after all, and once they reach your home, they will quickly scout the area and find an ideal nesting spot – be it your bed (hence their name), your sofa, or even under the carpet.

Bedbugs Can Spread Out From Their Initial Location Due To A Variety Of Reasons

Bedbugs are usually perfectly happy to infest a single piece of furniture and stay put with the entire colony. However, they can migrate to other rooms due to one or more of the following reasons.


  • Disturbance – Incorrectly spraying pesticide to get rid of bedbugs can, ironically, cause them to spread out, resulting in a more widespread infestation. Also, if you move the furniture infested with bugs, they might scurry out in search of new hiding places.
  • Shortage of food – If you stop living in a room infested with the bugs, the starving bugs will try to seek out new food sources, and will naturally migrate to new locations.
  • Vacuum cleaners used in multiple rooms – Bedbugs can easily climb out of dust bags. Hence, if you use the same vacuum cleaner in multiple rooms, the bugs can climb out of the bag and make new nests in more than one room by the time you are done.


Bedbug infestation can happen anytime, anywhere. It has nothing to do with the condition of your home or your personal hygiene. If you spot these irritating pests in your home, simply call an exterminator to take care of the problem. Read more on: –

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs With Rubbing Alcohol

If you rub alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol on bed bug infestations, they will do the trick! Most bugs will be wiped out and swiped clean. Expert entomologists believe, when used in a 70 to 91 per cent concentration, this alcohol is able to work on bugs and kill them effortlessly.

rubbing alcohol for getting rid of bedbugs

Few Facts About Isopropyl Alcohol

  • You should be able to keep into account the flammability of the alcohol and it makes sense to actually use it in a less abrasive context. Most of the Isopropyl alcohol is readily available and very less expensive.


  • These have safer flammability levels and require a lot of care and attention while you are spraying it over the bugs.


  • This alcohol also dries faster and is kinder on surfaces and materials. You can use a nozzle mouthed spray and get going with the extermination on a DIY project.

How to Use Isopropyl Alcohol For Killing Bedbugs

Armed with some online research can help you can help use the professional guidance in spraying this alcohol over your clothes and bedding.

Note: Lower concentrations with a more diluted content may not be too well suited for cleaning pesky bed bugs! So choose a concentrated Isopropyl solution. If mixed with other liquids the alcohol can have a potency that may not be too effective.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Luggage?

Bedbugs are a menace that need to be curbed every time you put up in a new hotel room or live in a motel. If you have spent a night in one hotel, you could have been carrying the bed bugs in your luggage after you have left the room. Unlike clothing and washables, the luggage cannot be thrown to the dryer. An exterminator can clear the bed bugs and rid your furniture of any problems.

Here are the 5 important steps that can go on to getting rid of bed bugs from luggage.

  • Tip 1: – For starters, start with emptying your luggage in the open and placing the contents in plastic bags. You can seal these and wash them for later. All the clothing should be washed in hot water with temperatures that go above 120 degrees at least. This temperature is right for all bed bugs to die.


  • Tip 2: – You could take the luggage outside and scrub the clothes with a stiff and hard brush. This is necessary as the egg clusters can be removed better when acted upon in this fashion. The dead bedbugs can then be vacuumed and cleaned.


  • Tip 3: – Buy a pesticide that is specially formulated by mixing the pyrethroid chemicals, such as the pyrethrin and permethrin compounds. For extra potency, you can also use phenothrin, a common pesticide for bed bugs. Once you spray the entire baggage with the pesticide, the bugs will fall off dead.


  • Tip 4: – You can also steam roll each of the garments and clean the luggage as many times as possible. This allow temperatures to kill the bugs and also does not harm the clothes at any point of time.


  • Tip 5: – Finally, you can just about vacuum the clothes and then discard the bed bugs in a vacuum bag. The bag can then be wrapped around a garbage bag and knots tied to ensure the bugs don’t escape. You can also help the garments dry out in the sun and allow the pests to flee because of rising temperatures.


Bed bugs can cause severe rashes when they come in contact with the skin. These bugs can also cause a lot of allergies in our bodies. They should be eliminated effectively and kept at bay. When travelling, most of us become more prone to such bug infestations in our luggage. Cleanliness and a lot care thus needs to be undertaken to stop these bugs from creating havoc.