How Can You Prevent Birds From Nesting On Porch?

Who does not love birds? Birds have the charm to capture your attention at once with its beauty and sweet voice. But, stay aware as birds are known to transmit harmful pathogens in the environment that causes serious diseases. Their favourite place for nesting in your home is your porch and air ventilation system. Here, are a few tips that will help you prevent birds from nesting in your porch.

Swallows Nest In Porch

1. Make Use Of A Predator

Birds often fear from their predator like a hawk, eagle, owl, etc. So, to keep your porch away from birds, you can make use of one of the predators in plastic and place it on or near the porch. It is recommended to move the plastic predator periodically to scare birds from nesting in your porch.

2. Hang Reflective Bird Diverters

Reflectors make the birds believe of a predator present in their nesting area. Hanging reflective bird diverters from a string around your porch will prevent birds from nesting. This is one of the best alternative solutions when you cannot find a predator made of plastic. Keep in mind to periodically move the reflectors, in order to scare the birds away.

3. Attach Bird Netting

It is recommended to cover your porch and attach bird netting around it. You can make use of a staple gun that will allow you easily attach the netting at the bird’s nesting area.

4. Hang Reflective Flash Tapes

Cut reflective flash tapes and hang it around the perimeter of your porch. During strong winds, the tape moves and with its reflective property it helps in keeping away birds from nesting on or near the porch.

5. Fill Up Opening And Cracks

If there are any opening or cracks on the bird’s preferable nesting area, then use a copper scouring pad to fill it up. Copper is resistant to rust and splinter, thus preventing birds from building nests in these areas.

Follow these tips generously and you will surely be able to prevent birds from nesting in your porch. But, if you are already affected by bird’s nesting, opt for a bird removal service. For further information contact City Pest.

3 Easy Steps To Safely Remove Birds From Dryer Vent

We all experience birds nesting in the dryer vents. Since these birds carry parasites and bacteria that cause infectious diseases, it is advisable to get the birds and their nest removed as soon as possible. Here, are 3 easy steps that will let you remove birds and their nests safely from the dryer vent.

1. Look Out If There Are Eggs Or Baby Birds Inside

One of the most important steps to take before removing nests from the dryer vent is to check if the nest has eggs or baby birds in it. Birds mostly nest near the opening of the vent. But, to be safe and remove the nest without hurting the birds we advise you to preventive measures once the birds have vacated the space with their little ones.

2. Clean Up Nesting Materials And Droppings

Nesting materials and bird droppings are subjected to block the vent. In order to clean the vent, open the vent doors and using a wire hanger, bring out the nest. To remove the droppings, apply water or a light mist that moistens the space to make it airborne. Make sure to clean the vent with the system switched off. Moreover, it is recommended to wear disposable latex gloves when you are wiping the area.

3. Call For A Bird Removal Service

Removing bird nest by yourself might turn out to be hectic when it has been present for a long time. So, in such cases, we advise you to call for a bird removal service to help you remove nest and birds safely from the dryer vent. They are professional and will take the right steps providing you with the best solution.

Safety is a necessity, both for us as well as the birds nesting in your dryer vent. So, try out these simple tips that will help you safely remove birds and their nest. For further information contact City Pest Control Inc.

Most Common Disease Associated With Bird Droppings

Birds are known to be one of the most beautiful creations in the world. But, did you know some birds carry harmful pathogens that may cause serious diseases in humans. Most of the disease are caused by bird droppings.

Here, we will discuss 5 such diseases that are associated with bird droppings.


1. Histoplasmosis

The bird droppings contain an infectious fungus that is either present in the yeast form or in the filamentous form. Once inhaled, it might cause histoplasmosis, a respiratory disorder that might be fatal.

2. Cryptococcosis

Birds like pigeons and starlings carry a yeast that is commonly found in their intestinal tract. This fungus is mostly found in common nesting sites like the attic, park, offices, cupolas, etc. The disease cryptococcosis is caused by the yeast and mostly begins with a pulmonary disorder that later affects the central nervous system.

3. Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a type of yeast infection that is spread by pigeons. The fungus affects the respiratory system, mouth, the intestines, skin and the urogenital tract. In women, it affects the vagina that causes an itching problem, discharge and pain.

4. Salmonellosis

This is a type of bacterial infection that causes diarrhoea and in rare cases even food poisoning. The bacteria are present in bird droppings that gets spread through air ducts such as the ventilators or air conditioners. As it passes through the ducts it contaminates food or even food processing plants. Thus, posing serious problems for us.

5. St. Louis Encephalitis

House sparrows, pigeons and finches are carriers of the Group B virus that causes St.Louis Encephalitis. As mosquitoes feed on the virus present in bird droppings, they become the transmitters of the disease. Once infected, the virus causes inflammation of your nervous system that results in fever, headache and drowsiness. When this virus affects people above the age of 60 years, it proves to be fatal.

So, if your house is attacked by bird nesting, we advise you to opt for a bird removal service. For further information contact City Pest Control Inc for removing bird Nest.