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Centipede Removal Service In Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, GTA

We at City Pest Control Inc, do whatever it takes to curb the infestation and help you free your home of this menace. We use a variety of chemical and non chemical methods in Brampton and surrounding GTA to rid your home of the centipedes. We also use vacuuming and spray insecticides on the cracks and crannies along with the other centipede harbors. If your infestation is outdoors, we do whatever necessary to clean the gardens and remove all the mulch.

If you want cost effective and efficient centipede removal services in Brampton, Toronto and Greater Toronto Area around, call City Pest Control Inc at 416-410-2786 or at 416-740-7707, or fill in the online form stating your requirement. We will get back in 24 hours for centipede pest control service in Brampton, Toronto and surrounding GTA with 100% elimination guarantee for centipede

About Centipedes: Centipedes are strange insects that are mostly nocturnal in nature and have 100 legs. These centipedes are flat and elongated with segmented bodies that contain a pair of legs for each segment. As carnivorous insects, these search for food at night and use their claws to capture victims. These usually hide in moist and dark areas most commonly in winters. These insects lay their eggs on the soil and often feed on spiders and worms. Some of these insects often grow up into adults in a year’s time or even take six years.

The life cycle: A lot of these centipedes enter homes at night and hide in damp bathrooms and basements. They can also venture into kitchens and closets in search of food. Centipedes often detect their prey by injecting venom into them. The maxilliped fang enables the insect to pass the prey into the mouth and then break it down with the help of mandibles. These insects may appear at night and stay on top of the jars and containers kept in the kitchen.

Preventions and Curative measures

To counter the lurking centipedes, you need to eliminate the food supply that enables these insects in the first place to breed. Large species of the centipedes may also bite humans and these can be very dangerous akin to bee stings. Some of the centipedes may run fast when approached. If you want to counter the centipede problem, then:-

  • Set the sticking traps. These will be able to gauge the level of infestation and can be effective in centipedes’ removal. The sticky traps may also be able to help you identify the potential routes of access inside the house.
  • You also should seal the leaking pipes and drainage to stop the insects from entering your home. Reducing moisture is necessary to counter the centipedes’ problem.
  • You should also keep your garden clean and remove he compost and debris, plants and organic materials.