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Pest Control Services In Toronto, Ontario

Reviews From Our Happy Clients In Toronto For Our Pest Removal Service

Toronto pest control services reviews

Case Study 1: Mice Removal Service In Toronto In Basement Area

One of our Client in Toronto had a mice problem in basement from last two weeks. He call the city pest control to fix the problem and find how the Mouse is coming in the basement. One of our professional exterminator done the job right. First he find the holes out side the house and the he put the snap traps and glue traps in proper way in basement because the mice are running in the kitchen like crazy. Those people living in the basement are really scare with mice. So exterminator put the snap trap and caught 3 to 4 mouse . Our Client from Toronto is very happy with our mice removal service which we have done on 11.4.2016

Case Study 2: Working in Toronto in Apartment Kitchen For Mice Pest Removal

In this video our professional exterminator is working in Toronto in apartment kitchen .My customer saw a one cockroach in his kitchen. He is our repeat customer we done the mice job before and now he saw cockroach. He is very satisfied our first job so that’s why he call again.For cockroach treatment we apply max force gel. This treatment is very effective give the 100% result in cockroach removal. This mice removal job we have done as on 16.4.2016

Case Study 3: Cockroach Control Services In Toronto At Kitchen Area

This pest control service is also in Toronto. In the below mentioned video We were applying gel in the kitchen cupboard. We also showed roaches spots to our this client before we started cockroach extermination from kitchen, where they mostly stay and lay the eggs. These places in your home are like nesting areas. We have done this cockroach pest control service on 17.4.2016

Case Study 4: Explaining To Our client, Where do Cockroach Hide

This video is also in Toronto.Showing the location of the cockroaches to our client. We applied the gel in cockroach pest control

Case Study 5:Bed Bug Pest Control In Toronto, Helping One Of Our Client to Overcome Bites Terror

One of our customer had a bedbugs problem in the mattress in one bedroom. He live in Toronto and very first time his daughter got a bedbugs bite. Bet our customer really don’t know what kind of bites these, he took to his daughter to see the doctor . The doctor examine the bites and suggest call the pest control and check for the bedbug. So he call us (city pest control Inc) for bed bug treatment, to inspect the bed, and find the bedbugs. We started our bed bug treatment process, sprayed the mattress after the spray all the bedbugs come out on the mattress then he just through the mattress. We have completed this bedbug treatment job as on 16.4.2016

We are a team of expertise and professional possessing ample experience to treat pests from your establishment. Without waiting for the matter to worsen, seek help as soon as possible. We offer a free consultation with 24 X 7 services. To schedule an appointment in Toronto for pest extermination, call us at 416-410-2786 or 416-740-7707 or fill our contact us form for your requirement