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Why Ants Infestations Happen?

Ants are social insects living in colonies, therefore, pest control plan for ants should include the killing of the entire colony. Spraying an ant with a simple spray, especially a repellent will only kill a few ants and disperse the colony. Ants can enter your home in search of food or seek shelter.

Ant treatment in the Greater Toronto Area

There are dozens of ant species found in North America, from 6 subfamilies. The most frequent ant specifies we get calls about are Carpenter Ants.

 Ants often move nest sites when disturbed, or with a change in the food supply. Several species of ants pose serious health threats to people who are sensitive to their stings. In extreme cases, hospitalization may be required. Other species are known to carry diseases and can pose a threat in hospitals and veterinary clinics 

City Pest Control Toronto treats ants by spraying all around the property, ant bait and closes off any entry points to prevent future infestations. 

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Carpenter Ants in Canada

Government of Canada

"Carpenter ants are sometimes confused with termites, but it is easy to tell the difference between them. The termite has straight antennae and a thick waist, and the carpenter ant has a very narrow waist and "elbowed" (bent) antennae. Termites are found only in certain areas in Canada."(Source: Government of Canada)

Red Carpenter Ants vs Black Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants the most prominent in summer months, they are the most problematic types of ants in Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas.

Red Carpenter ants and Black carpenter ants are two of the most well-known species of ants found in CanadaRed carpenter ants have a dim brownish dark body, with a rosy brown upper body. Black Carpenter ants are dark all over everywhere. 

These ants range from 6 to 25 mm (.24 to 1 inch) long. A carpenter ant is isolated into three sections, with an extremely thin midriff isolating the chest area and lower body. 

Their radio wires are bowed and in segments. Male and female grown-ups have wings at mating time.If you notice an ant nest on your property, it is highly likely that one of these two species were involved. 

Carpenter Ants Ants are not responsible for the most dangerous pest probems in the Greater Toronto Area, but they can be troublesome if the infestation gets out of hand.

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What is required to treat ant infestations?

Understanding the behavior of ants is very important and professional pest control services in Toronto will help you in this regard. However, here are some basic tips that will help you get started. Let’s have a look at these tips

Sealing Entry Points

Ants are very good at locating the smallest cracks in windows, foundations, and walls to enter your home in search of food. Maybe you cannot find them all, but it's a good start.

Cleaning affected areas

After closing all the entry points you can find, it is important to clean the surroundings. In addition, clean up the mess in the kitchen to avoid attracting them again.


Ants need some moisture to survive. You will have to minimize your access using simple tips. Begin by repairing leaks that may occur around pipes and other areas. Try to apply a dehumidifier for dealing with humidity in your home.


4 STEPs treating ant infestations



A City Pest Control ant Exterminator will inspect your property thoroughly to determine the level of infestation and make a plan based on the situation. If you choose us for treatment, inspection and prevention are included completely free.


The ant control specialist will apply a specialized eco-friendly chemical powder on all possible points of entry that ants can use to get inside your property. Ants will think it is food and carry it back to the nest.The powder itself is enough to eliminate the entire ant colony. The residual effects of the powder will that keeps it active over a long period of time


If any ants remain your city pest ant exterminator will check the applied areas, and entry points and determine the cause behind why ants have not been eliminated. The City Pest Control certified ant control technician will check to see if any entry points were missed, or if new entry points have been sprung up and make a report of it before reapplying another layer of the specialized chemical.


Your ant elimination expert will make a report of how to prevent ant infestations in the future and advise you on the best methods of pest-proofing your home from ants.

Precautionary Measures after ant exterminator has performed the treatment

Keeping ants outside homes and buildings is a continuing process, not a one-time treatment. Professional pest control services will make sure to provide you a complete treatment by assessing, implementing and monitoring.  Before you arrive home, pest control services usually provide you with a specific list of steps to perform. The following steps are some of the most common requests or recommendations made by pest control services.

  • Wipe the floors, counters and clean up the spills to reduce the potential sources of food for ants and make grafts more efficient
  • Thoroughly vacuum to remove crumbs, even small crumbs that you cannot see.
  • Store food in pest-resistant containers or place in refrigerator as appropriate.
  • Empty garbage cans regularly.
  • Wash dishes or use the dishwasher regularly.
  • Do not leave pet food outside the house after they have finished eating.
  • Thoroughly rinse recyclables.

City pest control has been trained to help control ants and other pests. Because every building or house is different in Toronto, the city pest control professionals will design a unique program tailored to your situation. We are proud of our comprehensive and friendly service, and we wish each of our customers to feel treated as a member of our family. We offer residential and commercial pest control services.