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Commercial Pest Control Services

With 25+ Years of commercial pest management experience in many industries. City Pest Control has been trusted by our clients in Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Hamilton, and the Greater Toronto Area to manage all pest problems.
We provide High-Quality pest control with a keen eye on health and safety standards. Call us on (416) 410 2786 or press the button below to book speak to our commercial divisionCity pest control in Toronto gives comprehensive commercial pest control solutions for both single sites as well as multi-site organizations in Toronto and nearby locations. From manufacturing offices to restaurants to warehouses and places of business, city pest control has the experience and knowledge to shield your facility and your customers from pests. There are no little pest issues in light of the fact that even a little one can influence the awareness of your status and your business's' outcome. That is the reason we work with you to make the best plan for your industry. We expel the pests that are ruining your reputation and furnish you with solutions that stop the pests from coming back.



Comprehensive protection

Drawing on our long periods of experience working with property owners and managers, we can distinguish vulnerabilities in a structure's development that enable pests to get entrance or furnish them with the safe harborage. We apply our pest control master knowledge to survey the hazard and build up a tailored solution that gives optimal protection.  

Full service 

Regardless of whether you need solid maintenance benefits, a quick emergency reaction, training in pest inspections by our specialized group, our pest control professionals can give all the assistance you need.

Flexibility and discretion

Our pest control experts in Toronto are aware of the sensitivity of a pest invasion and the requirement for the critical and quick response and best discretion.

Industry-leading treatment process

We combine the proven pest control forms with advanced technologies to guarantee that you are always one step ahead of the pest threats.
For more information about how City Pest Control can assist you with pest control in Toronto, get in touch with our professionals today. 

Property Management

Because of the nature of the business, pest-related issues are ubiquitous in property management. We understand property managers have a great deal to manage, and pests ought not to be one of them. Pests don't just deteriorate the value of your property; however, could likewise lead to high resident turnover influencing your bottom line. When you work with our pest control experts you can expect a proactive methodology that focuses on early recognition. Our highly skilled group will build up a solution that kills longstanding pests, will likewise prevent them from returning.

Food Processing 

Pest control assumes a crucial job in the food preparing industry. Offices that are associated with food storage and handling can give optimal safe house and nourishment sources for the bugs and rodents. Organizations with insufficient pest control potentially set to lose a huge sum of money because of damage as well as invaded stock. Our pest control experts can wipe out pest invasions and prevent future ones.  


With regards to the café industry, there are no shortages of pests. Restaurants give a perfect environment to pests to inhabit. A pest sitting at your café can destructively affect your business. Besides, pests could pollute the food and imperil the health of your customers. At city pest control we understand that having a successful pest control program is basic for the livelihood of your business. We go past the minimum requirements set by the regulatory bodies since we understand that your customers go to your restaurant to make the most of their meal in a comfortable and clean environment.


Toronto has turned into the tourist hub for Canada, attracting a great many individuals consistently. Thusly, the hotel industry experiences a high rate of turnover as individuals constantly travel every which way. Shockingly, much of the time these people may bring unwanted pests into your hotel and that destroys the reputation. Our pest control experts understand the significance of your hotel's reputation for the success of your business. Our pest control technicians have several years of experience and knowledge enabling them to envision potential cockroach, bed bug and rodent activity. Therefore, we can execute a proactive pest control approach with the focus of building up a long-term solution for your business.


As a healthcare facility, we are aware that there is a zero tolerance for the pests. Where the prosperity of the patients and workers matters the most, there can't be any compromise. Pest can convey infection and accordingly risk compromising the health of your workers and patients. Consequently, an integrated pest control program that prioritizes the safety and health everything being equal and representatives are required in emergency clinics, nursing homes, dental workplaces, and other healthcare offices. Out pest control professionals in Toronto understand that each room must be considered when building up a solution that is minimally invasive to your facility.