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  • Safe, Discreet and Efficient Treatment
  • Elimination of eggs, maggots and adult flies
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Reasons Why Y​​ou Should Book Our Fly Control in Toronto 

Licensed and Certified Fly Control Technicians
Our Technicians are professional flying insect pest control experts with all the necesarry trainging

No charge for Estimate
Free quotations and consultations

Scheduling based on your demands
Flexible 24/7 time slots to meet your needs

We can react fast
Emergency and short notice appointments available

Fly Removal  in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Get in touch with us Online or Call Us and we'll discuss your Rodent Control needs

Step 2

We will organize a Perliminary Survey. And you can choose between

  • Only an Inspection without treatment
  • One-month Guarantee Treatment with free inspection
  • Full Treatment with 3 month Guarantee

Step 3

The exterminator will proceed with the most effective anti-fly treatment

  • Standard Treatment
  • Heat Treatment
  • Fogging treatment against severe infestations

Step 4

Enjoy a home or office without flies around. To protect from future infestations remember to

  • Install window and door nets
  • Keep food areas sanitized and free of spills
  • Dispose of waste in a timely manner

To avoid recurring Fly Infestations 

Before the fly treatment

  • Remove all pets from the affected areas;
  • Cannot be present during the treatment;

After the service

  • Make sure you don't turn back for at least 2 hours;
  • Open windows for at least 5-10 minutes;
  • Don't hoover the treated room/s for at least several days;

Customer  Reviews About Our Pest Control Service 

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