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10 Racoon Facts That you Didn’t Know Before

Raccoon is a small bear-like nocturnal mammal and are found in North America. These are very intelligent creatures; however can cause nuisance in residential areas. They usually invade human property in search of food and while doing so, can cause great damage. Here we have shared a few interesting facts about raccoons: 1. The average size of a raccoon measures between 40 to 70 cm. The tail of a raccoon makes more than 50% of their total length. They can be easily recognized by the bandit-like eye mask marking around their eyes. 2. Raccoons are omniv.....Read More

How to Take Care of Squirrels Problems In Your House

Squirrels are cute little animals; however, they can be a cause of nuisance for your property. They damage your garden, damage the plants, house and even vehicles. Squirrels are very invasive. They can get trapped in your home and their feces and urine deposits can spread the risk of Salmonella. Therefore, eliminating these rodents requires all your attention and efforts.  In case you are looking for  feasible solutions to get the squirrels out of your house, then here are a few tips to do that: 1. Identify the entry route Find out the point that the squirrels use .....Read More

8 Weird Facts On Rats

Rats are one of the most common pests that infest the human household. No other pest can evoke a sense of dread than rats. These pests can cause severe damage to your property by spoiling food materials, chewing on your clothes, furniture, electrical wires. Moreover, these are carriers of deadly diseases. Here are a few weird facts about rats: 1. According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System or ITIS, there are over 60 different species of rats all over the world. They usually measure around 5 inches and more. The largest species of rat is Bosavi WoollyRat which m.....Read More

14 Truly Amazing Facts about Bumble Bees

Bumblebees are fascinating insects and are one of the key pollinators in the insect world. These bees usually appear in colonies. Though these creatures are pretty useful but in case they have set up their nest right in your backyard, they can also cause discomfort. Here are a few fascinating facts about the bumble bees: 1. The scientific name of these bees is Bombus. However, they are commonly known as Bumblebees due to their large and round appearance and the buzzing sound they make while flying. 2. An adult worker bumblebee can measure between 6 t.....Read More

4 Deadliest Spiders in Found In Canada

Unlike other pests, spiders do not spread diseases; however, if provoked, they bite. The venom of some of these spiders are highly toxic and can cause deadly consequences. Canada is a home to some of the most deadly spiders in the world. Here is a list of a couple of deadliest spiders found in this region: 1. Black Widow These spiders are mostly found in the areas near to southern Canada and the USA border. These spiders are highly venomous and their venom is considered 15 times stronger than the venom of a rattlesnake. The black widow spider can be recognized by its rou.....Read More