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City Pest Control: Pest Control Services in Toronto and the GTA 


City Pest Control is the Leading provider of pest control services in Toronto, Brampton, Missisauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, as well as other parts of the GTA.

  • City Pest Pest Control Toronto's specializes in residential pest control and commercial pest management 
  • Our core values are trust, safety and expertise. We provde a "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" with our residential and commercial pest contol services
  • Our technicians are trained, licensed and most importantly of all experianced in both residential and commercial pest control.
  • We follow the pattented S.T.E.P pest management system wherin we Survey the location, Terminate all pests, Evaluate the results and Protect you from further infestations.
  • We offer 24/7 Pest Control, 365 days a year to accomodate your schedule no matter what your pest control needs
  • Same Day and Emergency pest management services are availible if you require immdediate removal of al lpests
  • We have 20+ years experiance in the Pest Control industry, and take pride in providing the best value for our costumers
  • Our Eco-Friendly policy ensures any chemicals we use are safe, and don't harm the environment
  • We offer unmarked vehicles, all you need do is ask
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 City Pest Control guarantees high quality pest management for all our costumers  

Eco- Friendly

City Pest Control Toronto is committed to providing Environmentally friendly pest management services

Pest Removal and Prevention

We provide pest removal services but our goal has always been pest prevention

Resiential Pest Control

Although we offer both commercial and residential pest control, we have technicians specliazing exclusively in residential pest removal.

Licensed and Insured

Our technicians are trained, and experianced. Each are fully licensed and our services are insured. 

Free Consultations

Pest Management differs from case to case. With free consultations our services are designed to meet your needs.

Pest Control anywhere in Toronto and the GTA

City Pest Control has been serving Toronto, Brampton, Missisauga, Vaughan, Woodbridge and all the surrounding areas for over 20 years.

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Unmarked Vehicles

If you require unmarked vehicles, and discrete pest removal. All you need do is ask. Unmarked vehicles are provided upon request for no extra charge. And we value our discretion.


Resdential Pest Removal for your home

  • City Pest Contro Toronto's Residential Pest Management Services, remove pests from your homes. condos, apartments, semi detached houses, penthouses etc.
  • We have 20+ Years of Experiance, and know where to look to find them. 
  • Contact us for a free consultation, or just to learn more about pests in your home.

Commercial Pest Managment for your Business

  • City Pest Control has done commercial pest management in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) for all types of industries, offices and businesses.
  • We remove pests then take S.T.E.Ps to prevent them from coming back. Restaurants, Apartments, Buildings, and Warehouses can be especially vulnerable to pests. Call us for a free consultation.

Raccoon Removal 

  • City Pest Control also offers wildlife and Raccooon contro Services 24/7
  • Raccoons and other wildlife can sneak into your attic, backyard, deck, shed, and chimneys making them their homes
  • City Pest Control traps your unwanted guests and releases them humanely and safely into the wild.
  • If you have raccoons or other wildlife in your home that you want to evict call us for a free consultation

Why Choose City Pest Control Toronto?

a top rated pest control company in toronto

City Pest Control has been voted as one of the best rated companies for residential and commercial pest management by our costumers. Our Brampton location was voted the best pest control company by, and our Toronto location has the best reviews on google maps in all of Torinto. Read our reviews to learn more more.

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Health Canada's Guide to Stopping BedBugs

Here are 6 things you can start doing right now to prevent bed bugs from coming to your home?

  1. Don't put your luggage down on the floor or on the bed - put it in the bath tub, or on the luggage rack.
  2. Check the bed - mattress, zippers, seams, cushion tufts, and in behind and around the headboard.
  3. Check the furniture and walls, furniture frames and cushions using something with a hard corner or edge, like a credit card.
  4. Check in behind paintings, posters, mirrors, as well as around mouldings, trim, baseboards and window frames.
  5. Check cracks in plaster and peeling wallpaper.
  6. Take a close look at electrical outlets, light switches, phones and clocks, as well as all the carpeting rugs.
Source: Government of Canada


Ant Removal Services

Ants cause problems primarily when they forage in buildings for food or water and when they construct nests in buildings and gardens. City Pest Control Toronto treats ants before they become a problem for your home of business. 

Ant Removal Toronto
  • Ants are attracted to any suitable food source, including those in our homes and gardens.
  • Some ants build nests in walls and foundations, or indoors in potted plants, enclosed areas, and even in cavities in toilets and sinks.
  • In almost all cases nests are limited to pre-existing cavities or spaces between objects or in rotten wood and seldom will ants attack solid structures.
  • Ants often move nest sites when disturbed, or with a change in food supply.
  • Several species of ants pose serious health threats to people who are sensitive to their stings.
  • In extreme cases hospitalisation may be required. Other species are known to carry diseases and can pose a threat in hospitals and veterinary clinics
  • City Pest Control Toronto treats ants by spraying all around the property, ant bait and closes off any entry points to prevent future infestations. If you believe you may be victim to an ant infestation call (416) 410 2786 for a free estimate.
Learn More about ant as pests


  • Rodents such as mice and rats are one of most common pests we at City Pest Control Toronto come across.
  • Mice are found in areas where they can access food easily.
  • Attics, cupboards, walls, basements, garage, sheds, garbage area, and the kitchen are some of their favorite places to hide.
  • Rodent infestations spread at a very fast rate, if you find one mouse there is a high likelyhood there are other lurking about.
  • Some techniques City Pest Control Toronto uses to get rid of mice include rodenticide, gluetraps, snaptrap, cagetraps, electric traps and sonic devices among others.
  • Our technicians specalize in removing rodents from any part of your house of business.
  • After performing rodent removal, we isolate and block entry points where rodents could get in from to protect you from future uninvited visitors.
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We teach you Pest Prevention free of Charge

We value our costumers. If you suspect you have pest problem or just want information on pest prevention.
Call us for a free consultations, and we will be happy to help you out.

Our S.T.E.P Management program

Our revolutionary S.T.E.P management program ensures your house or business stays Pest Free


We first Survey the Location, and find areas that are the root cause of the problem.


Our exterminators spray the root areas in addition to other possible entry points.


We evaulate the results and survey the property once again ensuring adequate amount of pesticides were used.


Our technicians seal up entry points and help the property owner prevent further infestations. 

Our Values

Safety, Expertise and Trust.

City Pest Control has been a trusted name in pest management for 2 decades. Our expertise in pest prevention through our years of experiance guarantees quality work done safely.

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