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February 15, 2024

By: citypest

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How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitos

Many people fear large animals that roam in the wild, like lions, tigers, bears etc. Of course, looking at the size of these jungle giants, human fear is logical. Animals can easily harm humans or even other smaller animals.

But all this danger lies in the wild and not in modern cities. No, I m not saying that calling for wasp nest removal or bed bug pest control toronto isn’t dangerous. All I am saying is that in our hometowns, there aren’t any dangers of home invasion by these wild species. Yet there’s one little sneaky specie that can harm you more than you can imagine.

In developed parts of the land, which we call cities, their’s plenty of bugs and insects that lurk around. Although their size is nothing compared to the large animals in the wild, these little devils can be fatal to humans.

We are talking about none other than mosquitos. Yes, mosquitos. These flying insects are the most irritating bugs you will ever encounter. Their many other bugs, too, along with mosquitos like ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc., but we are mainly focused on mosquitoes today.

You see, people call for spraying for spiders or spraying for cockroaches or ant control, and they are one of the most efficient ways to get rid of them.

But first, let’s understand why it is essential to get rid of mosquitos.

Why Do You Need To Protect Yourself From Mosquitos

If a mosquito bites your skin, it will sting you and drink your blood. But, even when you blow it away or somehow manage to kill him after it has gone away, the proteins found in saliva continue to persist in your blood and your skin. The immune system perceives the insect as a danger, and it emits histamine (the similar reaction it exhibits in response to allergic substances) to fight off the proteins. What is the result? Those itchy red bumps were used to scratching at when you were a kid. However, there are ways to get rid of the mosquito’s bite and call yourself for pest control in Toronto.

The itching from the mosquito bite should mostly disappear in two to three days. But, it’s not only bites that are something to be concerned about. The consequences of a bite aren’t necessarily pleasant, either. Mosquitoes can carry various severe diseases like those of the West Nile or Zika viruses, as well as chikungunya and malaria (which is a possibility in certain areas). That’s the reason stopping mosquito bites in the first place is crucial, especially during the summer months.

Now that you have understood why these pesky pests are avoided, here’s how to avoid them.

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Follow these steps, and you will have a wonderful summer without having to DIY spraying for spiders or spraying for cockroaches.

1. Strong Breeze

Mosquitos can’t stand wind blowing at 1 MPH. So, if you have the plug-in fan directed at you at a reasonable speed, there is a high chance that the mosquitos would not come near you. Also, consider positioning the fan or the air source towards the lower half of your body. This is because the mosquitos tend to fly closer to the ground to avoid the wind.

2. Reduce Exposing Skin

Another great way to avoid mosquitos is by reducing exposure to the skin. Bare skin that is exposed can attract more mosquito bites than you can imagine. Try and wear long sleeves and avoid wearing shorts. This way, you can also prevent other creepy crawlies like spiders, ants, etc. Then, there would be no need to call for spraying for spiders.

3. Light Color Tight-Woven Clothing

Sweating is inevitable when one wears dark-coloured clothes. And drying sweat in tight-fitted clothing is challenging. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear light colour summery loose clothes to avoid trapping in the sweat.

Another thing is that mosquitoes also make use of their eyes to look for sources of food during daylight time. Since they fly incredibly near ground level, they can hunt for targets by looking at things that stand out against the horizon, such as dark colours that make a statement, while lighter shades are not as appealing to mosquitoes. Be sure to cover any exposed areas with repellent when you’re likely to be outdoors for an extended period.

Also, mosquitoes aren’t able to penetrate clothes that are tightly woven. Therefore, linen and cotton don’t offer the most excellent protection against mosquito bites. However, many synthetic fibres, like premium athletic wear is an example of clothing that can keep insects out. Anything that provides sun protection is also made with a tightly woven weave that can stop mosquito bites, particularly with lengthy sleeves and pants.

4. Use Repellent

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use repellent as a preventive measure against mosquitos. Spray the repellent on your knees, elbows, wrists, thighs, neck, hands and where ever the skin is exposed.

5. Avoid Standing Water

Get rid of all items like plants, kiddie pools, and deck furniture that accumulate water. They breed and then lay eggs in stagnant water. In case of a leak, you can drill holes into pots or water containers. Ensure your gutters are kept clean and debris-free to prevent water from pooling. Also, ensure that you refresh every water source every week at least to get rid of mosquito larvae. This includes bird baths and water dishes for animals.

One More Effective Way Against Mosquitos

If you’re in your home and your backyard, CityPest can help! Our comprehensive total pest management solution safeguards against all three vectors of disease that can spread. We’ll let you have fun in your garden while helping to reduce the risk to your pets and family members.

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