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February 15, 2024

By: citypest

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How To Control Bed Bugs In Summer

Bed bugs are a big problem in summer. These tiny devils are so hard to eradicate. They can quickly become a nightmare. A recent survey done in the USA suggests all sorts of bugs, including bed bugs increase by 89% in the population.

And let’s not get started on the cost of bed bug control. The price can get really expensive. Of course, if you are Googling the phrase exterminator near me, it means you are facing the infestation of bed bugs.

But instead of worrying too much, pulling your hair out of fear of these nasty creatures, or searching for bed bugs treatment at home, here’s what you need to do.

1. Covers are made of plastic that is protected under mattresses, bedding box springs, pillows and other bedding. This will eliminate both the entry and exit points. Furthermore, the mattress keeps air from entering your mattress, thus killing eggs and bed bugs that may have made their way into it.

2. Make sure that your linens are on the mattress and off the floors, and remove clutter from the eight feet or less of sleeping areas where bugs could get into. A messy home can provide additional places where bed bugs can nest, making finding and treating them complicated.

3. Be sure to confirm your home is infested with bed bugs but not fleas, ticks, or other bugs. Contact the experts, to determine the source of the infestation and then take the necessary steps to remove the pests from your home.

4. Make sure you regularly wash and dry your sheets for bedding, blankets, bedspreads, and all clothing touching the floor.

5. Reduce the number of bed bugs you find by thoroughly cleaning the home. Be sure to vacuum floors, rugs and furniture, frames for beds under beds, in-bed legs, and all crevices and cracks around the room. Replace the bag at the end of each user to ensure bed bugs don’t get away.

6. Clean up your laundry bins and hampers since bed bugs and eggs may hide inside these containers. Be sure to wash them thoroughly every time you do the laundry, and don’t get frustrated searching for pest control cost.

7. Bed bugs can live wherever their hosts are, so your bedroom isn’t the only spot where you should take precautions. Other areas you should be aware of include furnishings with cushioned cushions (chairs and ottomans, couches and chairs) and drawers, appliances, and electrical outlets, as well as cracks and wallpaper on floors and ceilings.

8. If you clean your bedding, you should take the time to look at the conditions of your bed to look for indications of bed bug residue. If you spot any signs, then place your bedding in the washing machine at the highest temperature and setting that your bedding can tolerate. The combination of heat and water can kill bed bug infestations that may be in the bedding. For extra security, consider washing the curtains, rugs, throw blankets, and pillows that may have been exposed in your bedroom.

9. Don’t be afraid. It is not impossible to rid your house of bugs that cause bed bug infestation, but it is crucial not to react too strongly. Do not throw everything in the trash since most of them can be treated and saved. Additionally, throwing things out can be costly, bring bed bugs into neighbours’ homes, and cause further stress.

10. DIY freezing solutions aren’t always reliable for eliminating bed bugs as freezing can effectively kill bed bugs freezers in homes tend not to be sufficiently cold. A thermometer can be used to determine the level of freezing however, putting the infested items in cold conditions isn’t always effective because various factors can play into it.

11. The most effective treatment for bed bugs is that do not pass your bed bugs to anyone else. Bed bugs are notorious for their ability to travel by hitchhiking between different locations. If you are throwing out your mattress or furniture piece that has been infested with bed bugs, eliminate it to ensure that nobody else can take it, and then take it home.

12. The pest control and pest management experts will increase the chances of successfully eliminating bed bugs in your house through an integrated pest control (IPM ) method. Eliminating bed bugs and spraying for bugs isn’t an easy task for novices. So, call your local pest control toronto and get rid of these stubborn bugs.

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