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9 DIY Tips for Preventing a Call to the Rat exterminator

What is the one thing that appears adorable but is a health hazard for humans? Answer? Rats.

Rats might definitely appear cute, and innocent, but it is their growing population as well as their choices in life; which makes them a menace. Rodent control seems like the most tough war mankind has fought. Some can’t find a permanent and forever lasting solution to this rodent problem. If your house is suffering from a rat infestation as well, then don’t worry. As Citypest can take care of all your rodent infestation.

We provide 24 hour pest control Toronto, you can count on us to relieve you of your Mice control problems. With City pest control in Toronto, you can get a vermin-free house!

However, if you suspect that if there is a rodent infestation, and don’t know for sure, in that case you can try these 9 DIY tips to preventing a call to the Rat exterminator.

1-Inspect Your Home

How are you going to identify if there is a rat infestation or not? You will have to know more about your house. Rats require some kind of an opening to start their invasion. Therefore, you will have to inspect your house, you will have to know about the openings in house.

In your search look for damaged drains, vents, cracks in doors including the garage door. You have to just keep your eyes peeled for anything that looks like it was opened by a small Tom Cruise is just a sign of a rat getting in your house. If you find something like this, in that case its best if you call someone for Mice control.

2- Check the interior for gaps

Rats don’t need a formal invitation to enter your house. They will either make an entrance point, or they will find one. You cannot stop them for making holes, but you can stop them from finding entry points. If you find susceptible points, seal them. Rats cannot make their way through metallic covering, like wire wool, metal plates, etc.

If you missed any of these and now there is a rat infestation in your house, contact City pest control.

3- Get Tidy

A tidy environment is a good environment, but an untidy environment will attract elements that will make it even worse. Rats prefer untidy environments. If your house is untidy, and has traces of food spread everywhere, in that case it is time to start cleaning your house.  

Pick up the trash, clean up the clutter in and around your home. Make sure that the trash is not open and accessible to rats. If you failed to clean it in time, you might notice enhanced signs of a rat infestation. In this case, you would want to contact the best City pest in Toronto.

4- Use Traps

When rats are not hungry they are unbelievably clever, but if they are hungry, they cannot identify traps. This is the point when the situation leans in your favor. If you have done every possible way to limit their food intake, then you could starve them. In this way you can easily trap them, and thus get rid of them. However, if the rats are roaming rampant in your home, then it is time to tell them who is the boss. Contact City pest control, as we can get rid of them for good.

5- Use Natural Methods

Ever wondered that how did the ancients lived happily ever after with the presence of rats? It seems like they had to tolerate the rats. The truth is that, they did not. Fortunately, nature provides ways to make the rats go away. No it’s not that you would have to become “Pied the piper”.

There are some scents that you can use to make rats run away from your house. Rats do not like the smell of onion, garlic, and cloves. So, you can use these to make the rats run away, if these don’t work, then it is time to call City pest.


Rats are a menace for your house, and this is the reason why they must be either kicked out, or exterminated. Above are some useful DIY tips. These tips can prove to be useful, when it comes to natural, and easy Rat control. However, if none of these work, in that case it is time to call a professional rat exterminator from Citypest.

City pest in Toronto, provides total pest management solutions. We employ the best and the most effective mouse control techniques. Our rodent control techniques are the best when it comes to getting rid of unwanted omnivores, giving you a cleaner and healthier environment.

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S.T.E.P. – City Pest Canada & Vital ‘STEPS’ in Total Quality Mgmt

The City Pest Canada has taken a vital S.T.E.P. for the sake of controlling Bed Bugs in Canada. This is part & parcel of Total Quality Management in Canada. Importantly, regards to a universal Bug Control System & How It Works?

Get Rid Of Rodents, Bedbugs & Crawling Pests

S.T.E.P. the acronym for which is SURVEY, TREAT, EVALUATE & PROTECT. These are four vital Steps. Thus, for the sake of making sure that Quality Management is achieved. Especially, in homes in Toronto regards to City Pest Services in Canada.

Prior to taking our Services in Canada. Also, you must make sure & remember to do the following;

  • Remove Pets Including the fish;
  • Vacuum all potentially affected areas;
  • Wash All Bedding;
  • Clear Out the Spaces under the bed of any items;
  • Move the furniture if required to access hiding places for the bed bugs &
  • Leave the property for a couple of hours.

Taken by City Pest Canada, the following are the four most vital S.T.E.P. Most importantly, for the sake of controlling Bed Bug;

Let’s Take A New S.T.E.P. for Bedbug control:


The first S.T.E.P. in the list of four major Steps is to take a highly comprehensive ‘Survey’. Apart from this, make an analysis of the Bed bugs. Furthermore, highlight the key areas that are precisely termed as affected areas in the house. That is, regards to the bed bugs. What control procedures needs to be taken for the sake of controlling the bed bugs. Furthermore, how to make it a highly controlled procedure.

The survey shall be conducted by Licensed and Certified Bed Bug Exterminators. These are our highly trained technicians. Apart from these, professional bed bug experts occupied with all the necessary training.

bed bug treatment at home pest control cost


The second major S.T.E.P. in the list of steps is Treat. There is absolutely no charge for the estimate. That is, free quotations & consultations. Obviously, both the ‘Survey’ & ‘Treat’ are conducted by highly trained professionals. Finally, the certified consultants.


The process of ‘Evaluate’ is a highly technical evaluation procedure in S.T.E.P. that is scheduled entirely based on your demands. The process of ‘Evaluate’ is a highly flexible 24/7 time slots to meet your demands. We give 100% priorities to our customer preferences. Hence, while the process of ‘Evaluate’ is conducted for the sake of guaranteed customer satisfaction.

All the length of the year our aim is that Customers stay free from Bed Bugs. Furthermore, we keep making them aware of how they can save their homes. That is, from the potential hazards of Bed Bug.

spraying for bugs bed bugs size bed bug size bedbug size pest control toronto exterminator toronto bed bug exterminator


For the sake of immediate protection of our clients. Apart from the clients, the most trusted customers we can react ‘FAST’. In addition to this, our Response time is guaranteed. That is, the least possible time for the sake of customer benefits. To handle emergency situations on short notice. The appointments are readily available. ‘PROTECT’ is the final S.T.E.P. However, it is necessarily the most important of the four steps. For obvious reasons, that we need to take for the sake of valuing our customers.

how to check for bed bugs bed bug signs bed bugs signs pest services cockroach treatment cock roach exterminator house bugs house beetles house beetle

S.T.E.P.  Procedures taken by City Pest Canada are improving everyday with time. Apart from this, the preferences are changing irrespective of the customers. Finally, the customer health & safety is our top most priority.

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City Pest- Pest Control Management & Services Provided

City Pest- Pest Control Management & Services Provided

Pest Control is one of the major issues not only in Canada. However, the entire world as it can be damaging for the crops. Can even become a major industrial issue. Furthermore, a domestic concern which can end up being lethal. The Pest Control Services provided by City Pest Control Toronto. Obviously, a company based in Brampton & Toronto deals precisely in controlling Pests. These are Pests, that includes Rodents & Crawling Pests. Furthermore, Flying Pests, & other which falls in the category of Wild Life & other.

Get Rid Of Rodents, Bedbugs & Crawling Pests:

The Rodents are summed-up being the most damaging of all. Hence, as they can be a source of major issues that includes illnesses. Apart from this, infections that arise in a domestic environment. Precisely, due to the Rodents, which includes Mice & Rat.

Other Pests that falls in the category of crawling Pests are ones that happen in a domestic environment. Obviously, due to dirt & garbage. Also, due to dust that is not cleaned since a long time or in a house that is left with dust. Furthermore, can even be a cause of dust allergy to new occupants who need City Pest.

Get Rid Of Rodents, Bedbugs & Crawling Pests

The Crawling Pests includes Bed Bug control & cockroach control. Apart from this, Flea Treatment, Ant Treatment, Spider Control & Silverfish Treatment. The first one, being the Bed Bug Control is a necessary one to control. Obviously, as it can cause sleeplessness. Sleeplessness, or insomnia due to bedbugs, is something that can end-up being fatal for professionals working 9-5. The next one, i.e. Cockroach is the other one in the list which needs to be taken care of immediately. Otherwise, it can be a huge hassle for the food items as well as home furniture.

The Flying Pests that includes Moth Control & Wasp Control. Apart from this, Bird Control & finally Fly control comes under the list of those who are categorised as flying Pests.

The Aims & Objectives of City Pest:

The aims & objectives of City Pest while not even being a govt. agency or a Govt. body. Ironically, is to provide an environment free of Pests of all kinds. Health & hygiene is a major thing to achieve for healthy & smart living. Apart from this, City Pest Canada has a commitment due to which they are based in Toronto & Brampton. The city of Brampton is in the suburbs of Toronto. Apart from this, is a major city of Ontario.

At City Pest Canada, the treatment of the services including Bedbug Control is charged. However, at a nominal price. But, it gives you the satisfaction that you need regards to your home.

How We Create Customer Satisfaction Values?

Creating customer satisfaction values is a major acknowledgement that City Pest has achieved. That is, over the years. The company has achieved this by providing services & making homes in Ontario province. That is, free of Pest via highly trained. Furthermore, certified Pest control.

The results are indeed guaranteed results. Also, Eco-friendly and City Pest reacts fasts for future complaints. Furthermore, the monitoring of Pests.

How We Create Customer Satisfaction Values Pest Control City Pest

The customer ratings in this regards is a useful thing which includes Three Best Rated & Home Stars. The customer satisfaction results are based on these customer ratings. These are ratings that City Pest Canada has been able to maintain. Importantly, since it was formed.

Choose City Pest Control, obviously for Fast & Effective Treatments. Also, Proofing & Advice, Trained & Fully Licensed Technicians. Finally, Safe Treatments with Guaranteed Results.

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How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitos

How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitos

Many people fear large animals that roam in the wild, like lions, tigers, bears etc. Of course, looking at the size of these jungle giants, human fear is logical. Animals can easily harm humans or even other smaller animals. 

But all this danger lies in the wild and not in modern cities. No, I m not saying that calling for wasp nest removal or bed bug pest control toronto isn’t dangerous. All I am saying is that in our hometowns, there aren’t any dangers of home invasion by these wild species. Yet there’s one little sneaky specie that can harm you more than you can imagine. 

In developed parts of the land, which we call cities, their’s plenty of bugs and insects that lurk around. Although their size is nothing compared to the large animals in the wild, these little devils can be fatal to humans. 

We are talking about none other than mosquitos. Yes, mosquitos. These flying insects are the most irritating bugs you will ever encounter. Their many other bugs, too, along with mosquitos like ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc., but we are mainly focused on mosquitoes today. 

You see, people call for spraying for spiders or spraying for cockroaches or ant control, and they are one of the most efficient ways to get rid of them. 

But first, let’s understand why it is essential to get rid of mosquitos.

Why Do You Need To Protect Yourself From Mosquitos

If a mosquito bites your skin, it will sting you and drink your blood. But, even when you blow it away or somehow manage to kill him after it has gone away, the proteins found in saliva continue to persist in your blood and your skin. The immune system perceives the insect as a danger, and it emits histamine (the similar reaction it exhibits in response to allergic substances) to fight off the proteins. What is the result? Those itchy red bumps were used to scratching at when you were a kid. However, there are ways to get rid of the mosquito’s bite and call yourself for pest control in Toronto

The itching from the mosquito bite should mostly disappear in two to three days. But, it’s not only bites that are something to be concerned about. The consequences of a bite aren’t necessarily pleasant, either. Mosquitoes can carry various severe diseases like those of the West Nile or Zika viruses, as well as chikungunya and malaria (which is a possibility in certain areas). That’s the reason stopping mosquito bites in the first place is crucial, especially during the summer months.

Now that you have understood why these pesky pests are avoided, here’s how to avoid them. 

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Follow these steps, and you will have a wonderful summer without having to DIY spraying for spiders or spraying for cockroaches.

1. Strong Breeze

Mosquitos can’t stand wind blowing at 1 MPH. So, if you have the plug-in fan directed at you at a reasonable speed, there is a high chance that the mosquitos would not come near you. Also, consider positioning the fan or the air source towards the lower half of your body. This is because the mosquitos tend to fly closer to the ground to avoid the wind.

2. Reduce Exposing Skin

Another great way to avoid mosquitos is by reducing exposure to the skin. Bare skin that is exposed can attract more mosquito bites than you can imagine. Try and wear long sleeves and avoid wearing shorts. This way, you can also prevent other creepy crawlies like spiders, ants, etc. Then, there would be no need to call for spraying for spiders.

3. Light Color Tight-Woven Clothing

Sweating is inevitable when one wears dark-coloured clothes. And drying sweat in tight-fitted clothing is challenging. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear light colour summery loose clothes to avoid trapping in the sweat. 

Another thing is that mosquitoes also make use of their eyes to look for sources of food during daylight time. Since they fly incredibly near ground level, they can hunt for targets by looking at things that stand out against the horizon, such as dark colours that make a statement, while lighter shades are not as appealing to mosquitoes. Be sure to cover any exposed areas with repellent when you’re likely to be outdoors for an extended period.

Also, mosquitoes aren’t able to penetrate clothes that are tightly woven. Therefore, linen and cotton don’t offer the most excellent protection against mosquito bites. However, many synthetic fibres, like premium athletic wear is an example of clothing that can keep insects out. Anything that provides sun protection is also made with a tightly woven weave that can stop mosquito bites, particularly with lengthy sleeves and pants.

4. Use Repellent

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use repellent as a preventive measure against mosquitos. Spray the repellent on your knees, elbows, wrists, thighs, neck, hands and where ever the skin is exposed.

5. Avoid Standing Water

Get rid of all items like plants, kiddie pools, and deck furniture that accumulate water. They breed and then lay eggs in stagnant water. In case of a leak, you can drill holes into pots or water containers. Ensure your gutters are kept clean and debris-free to prevent water from pooling. Also, ensure that you refresh every water source every week at least to get rid of mosquito larvae. This includes bird baths and water dishes for animals.

One More Effective Way Against Mosquitos

If you’re in your home and your backyard, CityPest can help! Our comprehensive total pest management solution safeguards against all three vectors of disease that can spread. We’ll let you have fun in your garden while helping to reduce the risk to your pets and family members.

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