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February 15, 2024

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Pest Control Services – You Need For 2 Types Of Pests

Pest control is the most common issue faced by most people when it comes to the safety of the house, and it can be very dangerous if you don’t have the proper knowledge. Pest control services can be hired for proper elimination; however, much of the destruction can be prevented with the necessary knowledge. There are several pests which can target your property. These include raccoons, squirrels, skunks, spiders and cockroaches. Before we start thinking about avoiding them, we should know how many types of pests can affect you and your sweet home.

Squirrel Can Be A Pest – You Don’t Know 

Squirrels! You studied about them in primary classes and have yet to see them. Verily, you do not think of squirrels as possible pests and never thought of squirrel removal control. They are cute, fuzzy animals roaming here and there but are harmless, aren’t they? Not exactly. You may find them burying acorns and leaping among tree branches in the park or your backyard; they can cause despoliation if left to roam around inside your personal space.

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Signs of a squirrel infestation

As we do not think of squirrels as possible pests, we do not take serious measures to control them. However, if you think squirrels have penetrated your house, there are several signs to identify them.

Strange noises in your home

Keep your ears open for unusual noises in your home and backyard throughout the year. There’s a good chance you’ll hear a squirrel movement before you meet them. You can hear possible sounds scurrying, scratching, scampering or chewing. Squirrels have the quality to chew anything from wood beams to drywall and electrical wiring. The most favourite location for squirrels to make their nests are attics, but you may also hear them in other areas of your home, such as one of them becoming stuck in your wall cavities or down the chimney. This is especially true during the winter or rainy months.

Squirrel Droppings

In addition, to sounds, you will notice squirrel droppings in your garage or attic. Squirrel droppings look similar to rat droppings but are larger and more oval-shaped. Squirrels usually leave their droppings on branches or other elevated surfaces. You may need clarification with these droppings. We advise you to have pest control services to handle these droppings as they can be harmful. Some squirrels are “latrine animals,” meaning they can possibly deposit droppings and urine in specific areas repeatedly. These droppings can cause intense odours, ruined insulation, and even permanent staining on the ceiling and drywall. Keep your eyes open and if you notice any droppings, exercise caution, then take necessary measures as wildlife droppings carry diseases and bacteria such as salmonella.

Unusual Odor

One of the usual signs of identifying squirrels in your home attic or another building area is the awful or foul smell that permeates from the droppings or deceased squirrels. Some squirrels get stuck, while others are too young to fend for themselves; soon, these squirrels die and decay. If you feel the smell of a dead squirrel stuck under your home, in your walls, or in your attic. Then this squirrel needs to be found and disposed of to eliminate your home from this unpleasant smell.

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Here is an important tip for you to handle these dead creatures. When you find a dead or decayed squirrel, don’t try to deal by using poison alone. This will result in the mishandling of dead squirrels and a horrible smell inside your home. To fix the issue naturally, you should call an expert.

Racoon Can Be Dangerous Pests

Raccoons, also known as “coons”, are mammals that are rarely seen during the day because of their nocturnal habits. Raccoons’ have rings around their bushy tails and distinctive mask-like markings on their faces. Their body colour varies from Grey to reddish-brown, and their size could be up to 95 cm. These creatures are known to be highly intelligent mammals and are incredibly adaptive. Soon after the sun goes down, raccoons are searching for anything to eat they can find in your home. However, raccoons will not stop to eat leftovers but will steal trash from your trash can and have the potential to be very pesky creatures. Raccoon removal services are highly preferred to hire before you plan to start the clean-up operation in your home and backyard. These services can be searched in the main cities as raccoon removal toronto, which provide professional services.


Squirrels and raccoons are among the pests which are dangerous to you and your family, but most people have little or no knowledge about these two animals. In this blog, we discussed the possible signs of infestation and ways to control them.

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