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February 15, 2024

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All You Should Know About Fleas & Flea Exterminators

Fleas are tiny bloodsucking insects that are important transmitters of disease and can be serious pests. The size of these insects is too small that If you lined up eight adult fleas end to end, they would not make up more than an inch. They have a reddish-brown colour with usually compressed and flattened bodies. With an 8-inch steady leap, fleas can easily hop from ground level to ambush your pet.

Most people don’t know about many types of fleas and their treatment, which causes many problems. Fleas can be dangerous to you and your pets if not taken by flea exterminators. This blog will overlook all types of fleas and the necessary steps to eliminate them.

Where Can The Fleas Be Found?

Fleas can be found anywhere in bedding, carpets and blankets. Once a flea hatches and becomes an adult, it uses its powerful legs to jump onto a host, where it likely remains at all times. While attached, the flea will feed, mate and lay eggs. The eggs often fall off the host into the yard, bedding, carpeting or blankets. They are mostly found in your dogs and cats and around your pets’ accessories.

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Know The Flea Season

Flea infestation season typically clocks during hot summer days, but these pests can be your headache throughout the year. You should start taking preventative measures to safeguard your pet and other accessories from them during the spring, before the flea season start. However, if your pet is scratching and itching more frequently, you should consider getting flea treatment.

Signs Of Fleas Infestation

Flea Bites

The presence of flea bites is also a sign of a flea infestation. Flea bites will leave areas of your pet’s skin red and irritated. The belly, neck, and ears are possible targets of flea bites.

Flea Dirt

You have to check your pet and use a flea comb to separate the fur so you can inspect the skin. You may not have dark stains on the skin that do not move. These specks may be “flea dirt,” another term for flea ordure. You can use tissue paper or a towel to clean a couple of specks for identification. If the specks turn reddish-brown when they come into contact with a drop of water, they are flea dirt.

How To Eliminate Fleas

As soon as you address the problem, you should take the necessary steps to eliminate them. The best approach is multi-step, where you simultaneously target fleas, larvae, and eggs on your pet, in your house, and in your backyard.

Get Rid Of Fleas From Your Home

You should vacuum all carpeted floors and rugs. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag properly when cleaning by sealing it in a plastic bag and placing it in your outdoor trash bin. Until all signs of the infestation eliminate, continue to vacuum your carpets and draperies daily

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Kill The Fleas On Your Pet

Use a flea comb to remove fleas from your pet and kill them in hot, soapy water. Consult your veterinarian regarding the right flea control treatment for your pet and options to help prevent future flea issues.

Flea Exterminators

Flea Exterminators are professionals, individuals or sometimes groups of experts in scrubbing fleas and other pests.

Find Bed Bugs Exterminators Near Me

You can use DIY treatments and other home remedies to eliminate fleas in your home. If the fleas have infested your house completely, hire a professional exterminator to eliminate them.

You can find the experts by searching bed bugs exterminators near me and rat exterminators near me to find the best pest removal toronto services in your town. Professional exterminators are equipped with all the tools and sprays needed to execute a flawless operation to eliminate fleas and pests from your sweet home.

Wrapping Up

Fleas could be a headache and even a risk to your health if not taken seriously. Correct knowledge is the first step for eliminating fleas and pests; additionally, a good flea exterminator will solve your problem.

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