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February 15, 2024

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Causes & Preventions For Rat Problem In Mississauga & Toronto

The rat problem in Mississauga and other cities of Canada is a big headache not only for residents but the government also. A rat, also called mice or mouse, is a small rodent. The physical features of these creatures are known to have a pointed nose, tiny rounded ears, and a body-length scaly tail. Rats can be very dangerous when it comes to spreading diseases and the safety of the house. If effective preventive measures are taken, rats’ infestation can be controlled.

This blog will discuss why rats enter our residences and preventive measures to avoid them.

Why Your House Is A Restroom For Rats

Rats have been popular rodents who have infested and made human residences their area of interest for years. Whether in fields, urban buildings or houses in remote areas, rats are a major threat to all. Rats are usually larger than mice and weigh up to 0.5 kilograms; Toronto rats are known for building complex systems of tunnels and burrows at ground level. It prefers damp areas like crawl spaces or building perimeters.

Food and shelter are the most likely reason rats enter your houses. These rodents are omnivorous and are known to eat almost anything they find. Secondly, they are also scared of light and other creatures around them; this fear of them attracts them to hide in safe and closed places. Your home has both of the characteristics discussed above. Every household has food stocks and possible hiding places beneath couches, cupboards, storerooms, kitchens and bathrooms. This is the main cause of rats entering your residence.

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Residential areas saw a drastic increase in the infestation of rats during the lockdown of Covid-19. As all the restaurants and office buildings were closed, this closed all the food sources for rats and shifted them to residential homes. The Toronto rat problem was the main issue during the time, and people searched for rat exterminators in toronto to manage rat control.

Major Signs You Should Know

You Feel A Musky Smell

The earliest sign you can experience is that you will notice a distinct smell of rat urine. They use urine to communicate with each other. The smell may indicate the presence of rats and should be further investigated.


If you notice tiny pellet-shaped, dark brown colour with pointed ends, these are rat poop; this signifies that rats are living in your house. The droppings measure about 3 to 4 mm long.

Damaged Items

Rats are among those creatures who are extremely curious. They will nibble on clothes, furniture, wires, and other household items. If you find your windows, door frames, cabinets, baseboards, or walls chewed, this is a possible sign of their entry. As mentioned above, rats find closed and dark spaces with food sources; if they find their way to where you store seeds or cereals, mice will eat their fill. Electrical problems in your home, including chewed-up wires and broken socket boards, can also be troublesome acts of rats. It may result from a mouse infestation.

The final warning is seeing a rat roaming in your house. This is the ultimate sign that rats have made their home inside your residence, which is alarming.

Preventive Steps You Should Take

If rats have infested your house completely, you will be worried about what to do. This is an alarm that things will be complicated, but don’t worry; we will tell you some points to eradicate this creature from your house. Many people think rat traps are the only way to stop them; however, apart from this, there are other methods as well. You can search for rat control in toronto and rat removal in toronto to find professional pest control institutes for rats in Mississauga and other cities of Canada.

Don’t Give The Rats Nesting Materials

The favourite place for rats is your storeroom, where they find comfort. Ensure these pests won’t find soft nesting materials. So it’s better to store all fabric, rugs, and blankets in heavy-duty plastic storage bins.

Seal Entry Points

Seal all the gaps around foundations and pipes using cement; it is a great tool. Block their entry points, especially the doors of storerooms, home gates and open spaces near them, using caulk to seal tiny holes in your foundation and siding.

Remove All Food Sources

Rats consume only small amounts of food every day. They have the ability to smell the grains spread in the cabinets and floors easily. Always remove the kitchen leftovers and store all the grains, pet foods, and other dry food in metal containers in closed cabinets. This will keep your food secure since rats cannot reach that height.

Use Natural Repellent

There are some natural rat-repellant sprays on the market. Rats have a strong sense of smell which they use to reach the grains you have stored in the kitchen cupboards. You can use this quality of them as an opportunity to get rid of them. You can easily make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Spray it around the perimeter of your house, especially at indoor access points. Hot pepper solution, chilli flakes, dish soap, and water can also create a spicy pepper spray that will counter the infestation of rats. Spray the mixture anywhere you’ve noticed rat or any other insect activity. Although this mixture is not poisonous to you and your pets, it can irritate the eyes if contacted, so use it carefully.

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The Conclusion

We have mentioned all the possible reasons and their preventions. Rats in Toronto is one of the most searched terms on the internet nowadays. These are some tips for you to eliminate this dangerous pest from your home sweet home, keeping your house safe from possible diseases. These tips are effective, eco-friendly, humane, and safe for kids and pets but require regular checks and balances.

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