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February 15, 2024

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Top Pests In Toronto & How Exterminators Deal With Them

Living in Toronto can be a dream for many, as it offers a high standard of living, natural beauty, infrastructure, and improved conditions of law & order. However, with many luxuries, it has some disadvantages also, one of them including the issue of pests. A pest is an insect or small animal that spreads disease, causes destruction or is a possible threat to you and your property. There are multiple pests which can posses danger to household and commercial sites. Pests commonly include spiders, ants, cockroaches, mice, mosquitos, etc. These insects can affect not only your and your family’s health but also your property. Additionally, They can spread disease by stinging or biting. Others can spread disease-causing bacteria through your house.

Dealing with pests can be a headache for you, as their infestation can leave you in panic and disturb the daily routine of your home or workplace. Exterminator in Toronto is the most searched term on search engines when dealing with pests beyond people’s control. Although there are several ways to control them, the most prominent one is home remedies, but it is only applicable when you have identified it soon before its infestation.

In this blog, we will discuss the possible pests which can affect you medically and financially and the top pest control services in Toronto dealing with pest removal.

Pests You Should Know About


Ants are among the most common household pests, the most frequent and persistent ones encountered around homes and buildings. These social critters often live in colonies and can consist of thousands of members. The most common species include carpenter, garden, black house, and argentine ants. The major threat you can get with ants within your home or office is the forthcoming diseases they carry. Since they live on the ground or in PVC pipes, ants carry germs and bacteria that are easily transmittable.

Different types of ants are attracted to different things placed in your home.  For instance, Carpenter ants get attracted to wet and/or mouldy wood, so if there is a moisture issue in any part of your furniture, they’ll somehow make their way to that area. Sugar ants are attracted to sugary foods; if you have forgotten to clean the sweets that fell on the kitchen floor, a guest is verily coming there.

One of the easiest ways to avoid them is to seal all the entry points where you notice ants can make their way to your home. Secondly, ensure you have no grains or sweets fallen on the floor.


Cockroaches are a common household pest, infesting both indoor and outdoor areas. Being hardy critters, they prefer dark, moist places such as under sinks, beneath stoves, and behind refrigerators. They can also be found under floor drains and inside your couches or bed.

Cockroaches belong to the order Blattodea in the insect family. Over 4000 species of cockroaches are present worldwide, and people consider them one of the significant household pests. Cockroaches in your home are a major health hazard not only because of the risks attributed by cockroach antigens to asthma sufferers but also because they can carry disease-causing germs. The most common disease spread by cockroaches is gastroenteritis, an intestinal infection that causes diarrhea, fever, and vomiting are also part of the diseases.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Food, shelter and water are the main sources that attract cockroaches to your home. Tiny cracks and gaps in windows or doors are the most common areas where roaches can enter your home. Placing baking soda or boric acid in those areas where roaches can enter is an effective way to stop these flying insects.


When it comes to pests, spiders are tiny yet the most prevalent household pests, crawling their way into your homes. Spider and their webs can make your home seem unattractive and dirty, but at the same time, they may also be dangerous for you and your family. Although spiders do not usually bite, they sometimes do out of defence, but it could be hazardous when they bite. The best and easiest way to get rid of spiders is to clean the areas where they can make their webs.

Pest Removal

Now you know about the three most prominent pests, there is a need to know about to get rid of them. If you search for pest removal in Toronto, you can find different pest exterminators in Toronto. Pest removal companies specialize in identifying the pests in the location and eliminating them using different tools and techniques. A professional pest exterminator should possess a few qualities to perform their tasks.

Tasks Performed By Pest Exterminator


Pest exterminators inspect properties to identify the type of pests present and the extent of the infestation.


The exterminator will identify the pest and develop a treatment plan that may involve using insecticides, baits, and traps.


Exterminators will provide recommendations to prevent future pest problems, such as sealing gaps and cracks in the building’s exterior, reducing clutter, and removing food and water sources.


Pest exterminators monitor the effectiveness of the treatment and adjust the plan as necessary to ensure that pests are eliminated.

Wrapping Up

These are the most common types of pests in Toronto that one should know to keep their home pest free. If you know the pest and their necessary treatments, you will not be worried about any diseases or viruses that could affect you and your family. We recommend you try City Pest service in Canada to eliminate the pests.

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