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Carpentry Moths Removal

Moth-Free Zones: Where Wardrobes Stay Pristine

Carpentry Moths Removal

By: citypest

February 10, 2024


  1. Clothes Moths:
    • Adult Stage: During their adult stage, clothes moths are relatively harmless to humans as they primarily feed on flower nectar and do not pose a significant threat. They are often seen fluttering around outdoor areas where flowers are abundant.
    • Larval Stage: It’s the larval stage of clothes moths that causes significant damage. Clothes moth larvae are voracious eaters and feed on a variety of materials, including wool, silk, fur, feathers, and even synthetic fibers. They are particularly attracted to items made of animal fibers, such as wool sweaters, fur coats, and silk garments. Larvae can cause extensive damage to upholstered furniture, clothes, curtains, carpets, and other household items made from these materials. They chew through fabrics, leaving behind holes and weakened areas, which can ruin valuable and cherished possessions.
  2. Pantry Moths:
    • Behavior: Pantry moths, also known as Indian meal moths, are attracted to dry food products stored improperly in kitchens and pantries. They feed exclusively on starchy and sugary foods, including grains, flour, cereals, nuts, dried fruits, and spices.
    • Damage: Pantry moth larvae infest stored food products, contaminating them with their silk webbing and feces. This can render food items unfit for consumption and result in financial losses as contaminated food must be discarded. Additionally, pantry moths can cause frustration and inconvenience for homeowners who must deal with cleaning and disposing of infested food items.

Given the potential damage and nuisance caused by both clothes moths and pantry moths, prompt action is necessary to address infestations. Professional pest control services, such as those offered by City Pest Control, can effectively eliminate moth infestations and prevent future occurrences. By booking a moth pest control appointment, homeowners can safeguard their belongings and maintain a pest-free environment in their homes.

Carpentry Moths Removal

Removal In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Get in touch with us Online or Call Us and we’ll discuss your Rodent Control needs

Step 2:

We will organize a Perliminary Survey. And you can choose between

Step 3:

The Pest exterminator will start the appropriate treatment to ensure safety. They will use

Step 1:

Enjoy your Pest Free home, without bites. Remember to


First a city pest control specialist moth controller will carefully examine your property to assess the situation. They will then determine how to best handle the situation


The specialist will treat affected areas with a insecticide with a powerful knock-down effect on all carpet and clothes moths. The technician might have to proceed with fogging or heat treatment


If your home still shows signs of moth activity after the initial treatment, your pest control technician can come again, inspect the property and proceed with a second treatment, upon request


The exterminator will even offer to share with some useful tips for preventing future moth infestation. And will also give you a copy of the written report about the completed treatment upon request

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Carpentry Moths Removal

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