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Rat Control

Rat and Mice Relief: Your Home, Pest-Free Haven

Rat Control

By: citypest

February 10, 2024


Rats are quite frightning, no doubt about that. While some might consider some mice to be cute, a huge rat that prancing about on your property is not an enjoyable sight. There are many reasons why having a rat infestation can be a huge problem for your home and your family:

Food Contamination
Damage to your property
Health Dangers – such as the transmission of dangerous diseases, bites and allergic reactions

Don’t wait for the rat to find a better place and just leave your home on it’s own, book your rat removal service today with City Pest Control

Rat Control

Removal In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1:

Get in touch with us Online or Call Us and we’ll discuss your Rodent Control needs

Step 2:

We will organize a Perliminary Survey. And you can choose between

Step 3:

The Pest exterminator will start the appropriate treatment to ensure safety. They will use

Step 1:

Enjoy your Pest Free home, without bites. Remember to


The city pest rat exterminantor arrives to inspect your home. The goal is to find the entry holes and how severity of the infestation. To make sure the survey is thorough, special endoscope cameras may be used for walls and hard-to-reach place


The city pest technician will seal all rodent-sized holes with durable materials and sealants. Then, traps with bait are placed strategically around your property. The traps are always in places where pets and children cannot reach them


If you choose the full treatment option, you can request your City Pest Control rat removal specialist to return to your property and re-examine it, within a period of 3 months after the initial treatment. If there's any ongoing rodent activity, then you get we treat again for free


The city pest rat technician will offer you some great advice on how to protect your property from rats and other pesky rodents. You can request dead animal removal as well

How Our Step

Rat Control

Control System Works


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